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Another biker club; No Surrender MC banned from Country

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On Friday the court in Assen banned No Surrender (link is external) in the Netherlands, ruling that the motorcycle club poses a danger to public order. No Surrender is the fourth outlaw motorcycle gang to be banned in the Netherlands, after Hells Angels, Satudarah and Bandidos.

“A large number of members of No Surrender are or have been structurally involved in numerous serious crimes”, the court said in its verdict, NOS reports. The ruling also mentions intimidation, public violence, extortion, unauthorized possession of weapons, drug trafficking, and arms trafficking.

The judge considered it proven that the club management has an “important steering role in committing and facilitating criminal offenses”. The ban  applies to all No Surrender chapters and brotherhoods, because they are not independent due to the strongly hierarchical structure of the motorcycle club.

No Surrender has been linked to various crimes in the Netherlands, including death threats made against the mayor of Haarlem (link is external). The club’s founder Klaas Otto was sentenced to six years in prison (link is external) last year for extortion, assaulting and threatening two car dealers, and laundering 1.3 million euros.

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Motorcycle club Hells Angels was banned last week (link is external). The Public Prosecutor argued that there is a culture of violence within the club that endangers society and the rule of law. The court agreed. Satudarah was banned last year (link is external). The court ruled that Satudarah was guilty of activities that violate public order “in a way that disrupts or may disrupt society”. Bandidos was banned in 2017 (link is external), with the judge ruling that the club poses a risk to public order.



  1. Maybe they should ban the police too, since they do all of the same things that every club gets accused of. Intimidation, drug trafficking, planting of guns, prostitution ect! It’s blatant harassment and discrimination of people that want to be left alone. The Netherlands and any others that want to ban clubs can fuck off.

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  2. Government paranoia. Maybe, a few bikers messed up, but the law wants to eliminate ANYONE who lives by a different code & lifestyle. Bike clubs are a threat to THEIR ideals and tactics.

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  3. WTF happened? That country was supposed to be the happiest in the world. That fucks up my trip to Amsterdam. And Copenhagen. I used to really like it there. Guess I’m just going to take a pass now. Fuck ’em…


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