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Dramatic video (Must See)RI Hells Angels president arrested in Providence on felony assault charge

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by NBC 10 NEWS

The president of the Rhode Island chapter of the Hells Angels was arrested on felony assault charges in Providence on Wednesday, according to authorities.

Rhode Island State Police said Joseph M. Lancia, 28, of Greenville, was arrested as part of an investigation into reports of shots being fired near the Hells Angels Motorcycle Clubhouse located on Messer Street in Providence.



Authorities converged outside the motorcycle club, where Lancia was taken into custody without incident.

Witnesses said they saw the tactical team use a battering ram to gain access to the clubhouse.

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Lancia was taken to state police headquarters, where he was processed and held. He is scheduled for arraignment in Providence District Court on Thursday.

State police said the investigation is ongoing, adding that more charges might be pending.

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  1. TACTICAL TEAM WITH A BATTERING RAM. In L.A. that means they’ve gone full military on your ass. The police department’s aren’t just police officers anymore. They have been provided with full on military capacity to use against the citizens of the United States and have been doing this WHENEVER they want to play with their toys in front of the cameras. You’ve seen this shit a multitude of times. They bring out the armored tank-like equipment with the long battering ram ( you know they wish is fired shit like an actual tank ) and here they go right down the city streets like an invading force, then they just start demolishing some poor bastards house. After all, why knock when you can get to do that instead. I suppose it gets their tiny dicks as hard and as large as a golf pencil. A BUNCH OF SISSIES.


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