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Florida driver plows into crowd at Harley-Davidson concert and runs over singer, cops say

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By Madeleine Marr

An outdoor concert at a Harley Davidson store turned into chaos and mayhem after a Florida woman plowed into a crowd in her luxury sports car.

Catherine Allford was arrested after terrified concertgoers called authorities reporting a car driving past barriers and into people in the parking lot outside the Port Charlotte store.

The motorcycle store’s calendar of events says the concert was headlined by local country singer Travis “Billy Bob” Evett, who ended up slightly injured in the melee. The event was advertised as a customer appreciation day with “free lunch, cold drinks and beer, test rides and live music.”

According to the police report, deputies from the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office responded to calls to the store around 2 p.m. Sunday, finding Allford behind the wheel of her 2017 gray convertible 124 Spider Fiat, top down. The Rotonda West resident “appeared to be crying, while making movements as to conceal something on her person.”

When a deputy asked if the suspect knew where she was, she replied, “no.,” said the report, which added that the 63-year-old had “watery, red eyes and flushed red cheeks.” Allford refused to take a breath test, but did admit that she “probably” had taken too many pain pills due to recent back surgery.

The deputy told Allford to exit the vehicle, but at first she would not comply. She eventually stood up, and in doing so, “bundles” of money fell from her dress. The officer then conducted a search and found a $100 bill in the front of her underwear, the report said.

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Witnesses told the deputy that Allford had plowed into the crowd at the show, made it to the stage, where headliner Everett was sitting, and ran over his right foot with the left front tire of her car.

Allford did not stop to see the damage, witnesses said, but continued to drive her vehicle through more people and toward the exit. Eventually, the woman hit a curb and got stuck. Bystanders approached the Spider and stood around it until Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office arrived.

Deputies arrested Allford on suspicion of DUI, harming people, leaving the scene of an accident and causing property damage.

In the back of the patrol car, the suspect said she was in real estate and “had a lot of money.”

The total amount counted on her and in the car: $110,000.

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No one beside Evett, an “American Idol,” alum, was injured in the melee, the sheriff’s office said.

The condition of his foot is unknown.

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  1. 1) I hope everyone recovers completely.
    2) I don’t even care what this bitch was on, she shouldn’t have been driving.
    3 ) WTF is the cunt driving around with $110,000? She sure as shit isn’t buying groceries.
    4) She shouldn’t be able to use any of the $110,000 for her legal fees. The money should go to the people who have been hurt and have had their bodies and property damaged. That’s probably not even close to being enough to take care of them. Take everything this moron has and sell it if necessary.
    5) None of these people are going to be fully restored.
    6) Every one of the people who were there and witnessed the woman’s irresponsible actions will never forget that and they will carry it in their minds forever. It’s a form of PTSD.


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