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Pair jailed for life over execution-style murder of Rebel Club Member

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Two men have been jailed for life over the gruesome execution-style killing of a Rebels Motorcycle Club gang member.

Both Kasha William Gosset and Cody Derek Martin pointed the finger at each other for carrying out the cold-blooded murder that robbed a Christchurch family of a young dad.

But they were held equally responsible in court after a jury found them guilty of murdering Bradley Lomax.

The pair met Lomax at a cemetery under a guise related to drugs before driving to a secluded area by the Waimakariri River on September 4, 2017.

Gosset later admitted to the police he knew it would be a “one-way trip” for Lomax.

Fuelled by methamphetamine, the pair unleashed a slew of gunfire in a “cruel and callous” attack that left the victim unrecognisable.

“Mr Lomax was shot once in the knee, which caused him to be incapacitated, before likely being shot in the chest,” Justice Cameron Mander said.

“Neither wound would have killed him instantly.”

While he was lying on the ground incapacitated he was shot in face twice from close range, he said.

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“During this time, he was also wounded in the head as a result of a succession of shots fired from the .22 firearm.”

Lomax’s body was left at the riverbed, his face effectively “obliterated and unrecognisable”.

The 24-year-old’s death caused incalculable hurt to his family, Justice Mander said.

“His family must live with the loss of their loved one forever,” he said.

“The nature and circumstances of his death have understandably been a particularly difficult burden for them to bear.”

Both Martin and Gosset led criminal lifestyles that were dominated by methamphetamine use, the court heard.

Gosset had already been imprisoned for attempted murder in November 2009.

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He had shot someone three times in the chest who was described as lucky to be alive, Justice Mander said.

While Martin had previous convictions that included possession of offensive weapons and firearms, dealing in drugs, violence, and threatening behaviour.

Today Justice Mander jailed both men for life, setting a minimum non-parole term of 17 years and six months for Gosset, and 16 years and six months for Martin.

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  1. Couple of lowlife meth-heads. This is a prime example of how some people confuse CLUB with GANGS. Clubs don’t act like this. Gangs do. Gangs don’t give a shit about a 24 year old guys life. Clubs care a lot about the lives of their Club Members. They’re family. They’re not to be taken out and shot over what???….nothing and made unrecognizable. These are pieces of garbage and it’s doubtful that they will make it to the sentencing period alive.


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