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Biker Community time to come together . Please donate and share. Motorcyclists with a club comprised of ex-US Marines collided with a pickup truck on a rural highway in New Hampshire.

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On June 21st 2019 Jarheads MC was riding to a charity event at the local American Legion in Gorham, New Hampshire Post #82. Our pack was struck by an oncoming vehicle and we lost 5 patch holders and 2 supporters, and many others are injured. Our club and the families are going to need help and we cannot do it alone. I am pleading with you all, please do what you can, and this money will go where it is needed to help ease some of the burden of these victims families. Jarheads MC has always been about helping veterans and their families and sadly, today we are in need of that same support.

Names and conditions of all will not be shared at this time as we are still being impacted by news as it arrives. We will be in New Hampshire the rest of the weekend supporting our friends and families.

*Jarheads Motorcycle Club is a club consisting of active duty or honorably discharged Marines and FMF Corpsmen. We ride and serve veterans and veteran families in our committees, with chapters in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Associated Press in Randolph, New Hampshire

Motorcyclists with a club comprised of ex-US Marines collided with a pickup truck on a rural highway in New Hampshire on Friday, killing seven and leaving the biker community reeling.

New Hampshire state police said a 2016 Dodge 2500 pickup truck collided with the riders on US2, a two-lane highway in Randolph. The cause of the deadly collision was not yet known. The pickup, which appeared to be carrying a flatbed trailer, was on fire when emergency crews arrived.

Witnesses described a “devastating” scene as bystanders tried to help riders lying in the road. Along with the seven dead, state police said two people were transported to hospitals. Their conditions were unknown. Police did not provide any names.

The crash has sent shockwaves through New England’s community of motorcycle enthusiasts and military veterans, which sometimes overlap. The crash involved members of Marine JarHeads MC, a motorcycle club in New England that includes Marines and their spouses.

“When something like this happens, we all feel it,” said Cat Wilson, who organizes a motorcycle charity event in Massachusetts and is a friend of some of the crash victims. “There is no tighter community than our biker community.”

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A photo posted by WMUR-TV showed motorcycles and wreckage scattered across the highway and a truck on the shoulder in flames. The National Transportation Safety Board said it was sending a team to the site to investigate the crash.

“It’s tragic,” New Hampshire state police Capt Chris Vetter told reporters. “It’s tragic for those involved, tragic for the families, so we’re doing our job, we’re doing our work and our thoughts are with the people who were adversely affected by this.”

Randolph is about a two-hour drive north of Concord, the capital, and a three-hour drive from Boston.

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“There was debris everywhere,” said Miranda Thompson, 21, of Manchester, who was several cars back and recalled seeing a truck in flames on the side of the highway and six motorcycles. “People were in the grass. There were people putting tourniquets on people, trying to make sure they didn’t move.”

Jerry Hamanne, co-owner of a bed-and-breakfast where most of the motorcyclists were staying, said he and a doctor also staying at his inn went to the scene to help. Others tried to assist as best they could but some people were already dead.

“It was so devastating to see the bodies on the road,” Hamanne said. “My God, I don’t want to see something like this again.”

Members of the motorcycle community were organizing help for the victims’ families, said Wilson. Charlie St Clair, executive director of Laconia Motorcycle Week Association, which hosts one of the state’s biggest rallies in June, said he couldn’t recall an accident of this magnitude involving bikers in the state.

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He wasn’t on the scene but said had been fielding calls about the accident much of the night.

“This is staggering and it’s tragic beyond description,” St Clair said. “You have a bunch of people out for a ride enjoying one of the first nice days we had. To have this happen, it defies logic quite frankly.”

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    Thoughts and prayers are not enough.
    I’m in California. This hurts
    A lot.
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