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Mount Healthy cop arrested, charged with crimes including violating a protection order

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, Cincinnati Enquirer

A Mount Healthy officer was arrested Friday morning and has been charged with several crimes, according to court records and the officer’s department.

Jordan Ribariu, 28, was arrested at his home for violating a civil protection order, a misdemeanor, the Mount Healthy Police Department said in a statement.

The protection order was issued June 4, according to court records, and Ribariu’s police powers were suspended as a result on Wednesday, the department said.

Ribariu is accused of contacting the victim several times by cell phone, and the victim told police that while on the phone with Ribariu, he showed up at her home despite being aware of the protection order, court documents say.

Protection orders in general can contain various prohibitions — don’t possess a weapon, don’t come within so many feet of a victim, don’t contact a victim, for example.

Ribariu is also charged with inducing panic and resisting arrest, both misdemeanors, according to court records.

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He’s accused of causing alarm to others by threatening to harm himself and yelling at officers while they attempted to serve a warrant, court documents say.

Ribariu joined the Mount Healthy Police Department in August 2014. He served as a patrol officer.

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