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Federal judge clarifies conditions of probation for outlaw motorcycle club Mongols’ probation means headquarters of motorcycle club is subject to search, not riders on the street, judge says

New Age of Biking and Brotherhood

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A federal judge on Friday, June 28, made clear that his decision to place the notorious Mongols motorcycle club on probation means the headquarters for the outlaw organizations mothership chapter is fair game for random search by probation officers, not individual bikers themselves.

U.S. District Judge David O. Carter in May ordered the Mongols’ organization to pay a $500,000 fine, and to serve five years on supervised probation, after a Santa Ana jury found that the Southern California-based club itself — rather than specific members — was guilty of racketeering.

The first-of-its-kind legal battle was part of a decade-plus effort by federal law enforcement to seize control of the Mongols’ prized patches, which depict an illustration of a smiling, ponytailed, Ghengis Khan-type motorcycle rider. The Santa Ana jury agreed that the government should be able to take control of the patches and trademark, but Judge Carter overrode that portion of the verdict, ruling it would be unconstitutional.

Since Carter’s decision, law enforcement agencies from across the country have reached out to federal probation officials to ask what the terms of the Mongols organizations probation means for their efforts to police individual riders, prosecutors told the judge.

“I have no problem searching the mother chapter, that is where you found the guns,” Carter told prosecutors. “But this isn’t a wholesale warrant without probable cause to search anyone on the street.”

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But before the government can search the Mongols’ headquarters, they are going to have to come back to the court and tell the judge where it actually is. Court filings have referred to a location in West Covina, but prosecutors on Friday noted that is a reference to the former home of Ruben “Doc” Cavazos, a former president of the Mongols who was kicked out of the club.

Prosecutors didn’t immediately provide the judge with a new address for the club’s current headquarters, just telling him it is not in West Covina. The Mongols was originally formed in Montebello in the 1970s.

The legal battle over the Mongols’ patch is almost certain to make its way before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and likely the U.S. Supreme Court. Carter is allowing the club to pay their $500,000 fine in monthly installments, so that they can still afford to fund the expected appeals.

The case stemmed from Operation Black Rain, an undercover investigation in which law enforcement agents infiltrated the Mongols. A separate, earlier court case against specific Mongols’ members led to 77 people pleading guilty to racketeering-related charges.

In the most recent trial, the Mongols as an organization were found to have taken part in drug trafficking, vicious assaults and even murder. Much of the violence was tied to a long-running rivalry between the Mongols and the Hells Angels’ motorcycle club, and led to attacks, some fatal, in bars and restaurants in Pasadena, Hollywood, Merced, La Mirada, Wilmington and Riverside.

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Attorneys representing the current leadership of the Mongols have blamed the violence on Cavazos and his crew, who they note are no longer involved in the organization.

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  1. The MONGOLS and all biker clubs have a American Right to wear their Club Names and Logos as a Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Speech, they are Americans. Time to sue California and the crooked evil Democrats in Goverment. Government needs to arrest and imprison all of ANTIFA and Democrats Socialist Terrorists. God Bless USA and all American Bikers.


  2. So because they can’t hold individuals accountable they get to go on a hunting expedition. Sounds like to me they don’t have any rights. Funny how black groups are Mexican groups are never singled out like this. Ten bucks says it was a African judge.


  3. Whenever my old man and I were pulled over by the police they would ask what does MFFM stand for and he would say More Fat F****** Mexicans


  4. Seriously! Cops got in the club again? Well looks like they take what they get. I mean you really can’t smell a phoney rap sheet when you do the back round check. Can’t wait to read how that search gos at the head quarters club house. You can’t make this shit up.


  5. This is going to be like squeezing jello…. meanwhile vast amounts of crime will be committed by South of the border gangs while LE is distracted by their shiney new toy.


  6. When the clubs started they were the military coming home and missing the honor and brotherhood they had while they served this great nation. They had their brothers to spend time with, to let loose with and get them through the harsh memories with known today as PTSD. Somehow this all changed and became about money, drugs and murder for hire for some. Clubs need to get back to their roots and remember what true Honor and Brotherhood means. Remember why the club was formed from and how they can serve again. It’s not about wealth or breaking the law it’s about the best coming together in Honor and Service to share their love of Country, God and the proven life we value called one time as the American way which gives us the freedom to ride how and where ever we want.


  7. Why don’t the cops the judges and everyone else who is trying to end the Mongols back off because it’s not your business to mess with the Mongols because they didn’t do nothin wrong besides trying to be in a club with there brothers thats a crime now


  8. Another chicken shit move by LEO. These people will stop at nothing. They already record every phone call, text, internet activity.They used 9/11 as an excuse to enact the so called patriot act. Guess what. They’ve been waiting for an excuse on that for a long time. Think I am paranoid? i’m not. I grew up not ever being allowed to know what my Dad did for a living because it was so classified we never knew. What we did know since he told us, was that our phones would be tapped, to be really careful who we associated with because we were under surveillance. I was 4 when he dropped that shit on me. That’s okay though All those years of constant paranoia worked out well for me later. I finally did get him to talk after he had been retired a long time. He was totally freaked out how much I had learned on my own. For one, every couple of months or so there would be a dinner party at the house of somebody he worked with. So inevitably after dinner the wives would all sit on one side of the house and the husbands, a.k.a. Dad’s work associates would be on the other side.. I sure as shit wasn’t interested in anything those bitches were talking about, but I was very fascinated by what the guys were.And you bet I learned a lot. I learned all about all kinds of secret shit that was going on. There were even some people there that have had books written about them. So, as I was saying, Dad was completely freaked that I knew so much. He wasn’t going to tell me everything but he did have a lot to let me in on. One of those things was the whole patriot act shit.He let on that the government had that in their back pocket for years and years just waiting for the the right time to use it. A time when the whole country would be so distracted they would’t even think or question anything, and so here we all are.There are cameras everywhere. Your car is equipped with more than one device that spies on us. The “smart tv” spies on you.We are being spied on in so many ways most people don’t have any idea of what is happening. One good reason for that is they cut funding for schools. Of course, why would you want anyone to be educated and learn to think for themselves. Nope, make them stupid, move all the jobs overseas so you can make more money. Make the American people think it’s somebody else’s fault while you get richer and richer. Do everything possible to make everyone hate everyone else. And here we are. Look at us now. Everybody thinks the other person is the enemy. No, we are our own worst enemies by allowing these assholes to stay in office getting great benefits and payoffs from big corporations. Any of you seen any cash stuffed envelopes in your mailbox from an oil company, big pharma, I could keep going on and on an guess what, none of these corporations pay any taxes either. You get away with that shit. NOT! The only way to get this straightened out is to first, not re-elect any one of these morons. Vote for people with brains. Make it a condition of their election to serve one term and also get rid of that stupid electoral college. It is just plain stupid that the person with the fewest votes wins. Try that in the next Superbowl and see how the fans react to that shit being all right. People would Riot. Why do we keep putting up with this ridiculous stuff.
    So even though growing up constantly being paranoid was really fucked up, it taught me never to say anything on the phone or put anything you didn’t want the whole world to know in writing, it kept my ass both alive and out of prison. I love those statutes of limitations on things and I’m still not talking.
    And i still want to know why it’s against the law to not be completely truthful with a federal agent, but we have the 5th amendment that protects us from incriminating ourselves. How the hell do they get away with that one? That’s just unconstitutional isn’t it? The LEO’s can lie about anything but we can’t even use our rights? That’s just wrong.
    Fuck’em. I never met a cop I liked or trusted with a penny.
    All of this is part of a much larger move on all of our freedoms.
    This is how we end up with a president who likes our enemies more than our allies. Oh yeah, oops… for those of you that don’t know, no American banks will work with him because of his shady business dealings and that’s why he has been getting funding from the Russians for years. Now you know why he’s Putin’s bitch. Nothing goes on with Russian money without Vladimir Putin approving it first.
    We have to put a stop to all of this. They fear us because we are free and do not bend to their conventions. That’s why they keep coming after Club after Club. We represent something they do not understand, can not comprehend and will never understand. They want to crush all of us. It’s a different twist on how I was treated because I preferred climbing trees and getting dirty to playing with dolls. I wanted a tool set. I didn’t want a stupid doll. No wonder I ended up later on tearing apart Harleys and rebuilding them, sitting at the lathe turning down legs.
    But make no mistake, they are coming for us. Stay fearless and be fearsome. There’s no other way to survive.


  9. By the way, you can put money on it that their Clubhouse is going to be kept so squeaky clean not even a mouse would find a crumb on the floor!


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