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Chris Cox Bikers for Trump REAL intentions come out. Says he’ll challenge SC Democrat Joe Cunningham for Congress seat

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COLUMBIA — A Lowcountry man who brought together fellow motorcyclists in the group Bikers for Trump says he’s found a new way to support the president. Chris Cox of Mount Pleasant announced on Facebook that he will be running for Congress in 2020 against Charleston Democrat Joe Cunningham.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the friends and patriots I served beside in our successful 2016 effort to elect and, now, our 2020 effort to re-elect President Donald Trump,” Cox said in a post announcing he was turning the biker group over to a top lieutenant. “Now, in my effort to continue to support President Trump and our great country, I am stepping things up.”

Cox started Bikers for Trump in 2015 as an unofficial security detail for the then-presidential candidate’s often combustible rallies, forming a “wall of meat” between Trump and the protesters who often showed up at his 2016 campaign events, according to an interview Cox gave the Washington Times.

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Before that, Cox was most famous for mowing the lawn around the Lincoln Memorial during the 2013 government shutdown, carrying a South Carolina flag as he performed chores for furloughed government workers during the shutdown.

In his Facebook post, Cox said he was “disappointed in the election of a liberal Democrat to represent me and my neighbors in Congress.” Cunningham defeated former GOP state Rep. Katie Arrington in 2018 to win the seat formerly held by Mark Sanford.

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He told the Washington Times his biker brand and alliance with Trump will give him an advantage in a crowded Republican primary, although he might alter his denim-jacket and t-shirt look for the race.

“I may have a collar on, but I’m not going to reinvent myself,” he said.

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  1. Shyster, con artist and scammer. These are all words that come to mind whenever Chris Cox is mentioned. Let’s see a story on just where all of those thousands of dollars from the gofundme account went? When it was supposed to go to the Trump campaign and to support the BIKERS that were riding to and from the Trump rallies. In reality, that money was spent on a motorcycle, toy hauler with custom wrap, and a truck to pull it with. Let alone the multiple vacations bot here and abroad that Chris took. Most recently to Israel. And the fact that he flew to most events and didn’t even ride. Unless, of course, he knew that a camera would be pointed his way.


  2. Let’s see a story about where all of that gofundme money went? It certainly didn’t go to where Cox promised it would go. Like helping out bikers that wanted to travel to Trump rallies? Or the Veteran’s group that he promised money to and never delivered on it. Or the fact that Chris has never put together so much as one event that was strictly Bikers for Trump related. Instead, he just shows up at the events that others have worked long and hard on in an attempt to steal the spotlight. Most of that money has gone to the purchase of a motorcycle, toy hauler with custom wrap, and the truck to pull it with. As well as the multiple “vacations” both here and abroad. His latest being a trip to Israel. He has never, not ONCE, gave any accounting of where this money was spent. Even though it was promised that he would do so many time.

    And NOW he’s begging for even more “donations” to support his bid for Congress? Yeah, like we need yet another scammer in Washington. There’s enough of them already.


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