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Alleged senior Rebels outlaw motorcycle gang member charged after weapons, drugs seized from Rutherford

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Police from the Criminal Groups Squad’s Strike Force Raptor North spoke to a 45-year-old man on Young Street, Rutherford about 5.40am Thursday as part of ongoing investigations into an alleged criminal network.


He appeared at Maitland Local Court that morning, where he was released on conditional bail.


A short time later, Strike Force Raptor North conducted a Firearms Prohibition Order (FPO) search at a home in Rutherford.


During the search, investigators found several items, including a push dagger, a sheath knife, a disguised electronic control device, an extendable baton and Rebels OMCG colours.

Investigators also found a crystal substance suspected to be methamphetamine, prescribed restricted substances and 20 drums of diesel suspected of being stolen.

The 45-year-old man was arrested again at the scene and taken to Maitland Police Station.

He was charged with:

  • Possess prohibited weapon without permit (four counts)
  • Use prohibited weapon contrary to prohibition order (four counts)
  • Fail to ensure safe keeping of prohibited weapon (four counts)
  • Possess prohibited drug (three counts)
  • Possess prescribed restricted substance (two counts)
  • Goods in custody

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The man was refused bail to appear before Maitland Local Court on Friday.


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  5. i liked the comment on how peoples view of clubs has changed lately cause it hit home when i had a beef with 6 20 somethings and when i warned them to think twice and they saw my ink { 1%er club tat. etc.} they were oblivious and asked if they were supposed to know what that meant. after googlin it they cooled down and i avoided a life sentence. Times are changin


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