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Micah Toll

Zero’s electric motorcycles aren’t just for recreation. A number of police forces across the country are adopting them for silent, efficient patrols. Now Mississippi State University has become the latest to get their cops on electric motorcycles.

MSU’s newest addition to their police force includes two Zero electric motorcycles.

A Ewing police officer was arrested Wednesday morning on a murder charge accusing him of causing the traumatic injuries that killed his 3-month-old daughter

The bikes appear to be the DSRP model, which is the police version of Zero’s DSR dual sport electric motorcycle.

MSU’s Chief of Police Vance Rice announced the purchase of the two Zero motorcycles:

“These are not little mopeds or chariots, they are full size, enduro type motorcycles with a top speed of over 90 miles per hour and a faster 0-to-60 time than most gas motorcycles. The motorcycles will be used on a regular basis throughout the year. I am really excited about the response advantage they will give us during gameday traffic.”

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While the MSUPD has long operated foot and bicycle patrols, the new Zero motorcycles will offer them a wider patrol range and the ability to patrol at higher speeds on the roads around campus, all while maintaining the low noise and high efficiency of their standard patrols.

Zero’s electric motorcycles have been popular police vehicles for years, and have even seen use as military vehicles by armed forces.

Earlier this year an officer on a Zero patrol motorcycle made headlines when he snapped a picture after pulling over a Tesla in what was dubbed “the quietest police pursuit ever”.