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Instead of worrying about motorcycle clubs the Independent Biker should be out there fighting for the things that are affecting them personally

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By James “Hollywood”Macecari

So let’s talk about the Independent biker. When most think about bikers, they always think motorcycle club members. This couldn’t be the furthest from the truth.

Independent bikers make up the bulk of bikers in the biker lifestyle. These bikers get up and go to work to support their families and face the same problems civilians do every day. Now, I’m not saying clubbers don’t do the same but for this video it’s all about the independents.

I think I wanted to bring attention to the problems facing Independent Bikers because not enough creators or the news media talks about them much. It’s always about what is wrong in the biker community that makes up the bulk of the news articles that go out.
I have some homework for yeah.

Take a look at all the stories that come out on the biker scene.

Now add up those stories and see how many focus on the positive of the lifestyle. Not many centers around the good bikers do.

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Sure, the image of the biker has started getting more positive attention from the citizens.
This can be attributed to the fact many in the biker scene are now made up of people who before the 90’s wouldn’t dare get on a bike.

The Biker Scene has gotten more diverse.

Before it was just the hardcore guys who lived and breathed the lifestyle.

Now you have people enjoying the lifestyle who doesn’t take it as hardcore as some.
Why? Because they have other things on their plates. They don’t have the time to put everything they are into the lifestyle.

That’s fine. Everyone who rides a motorcycle is a welcome addition to the community. Actually, it’s much needed. Don’t know if people realize this or not but the younger generation isn’t into motorcycles like some of us who grew up around them. So everyone should be welcomed into the mix.

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With that I asked in our chat group on the YouTube channel what are some of the things Independent bikers were facing.

The answers ranged from cagers texting to how hard it is raising a family on the wages they get from work.

I was happy to receive those answers to the question because they are real answers.
Most of the time when I do a program, it’s inevitable someone starts talking about motorcycle clubs. So this was refreshing to say the least.

But I also think this is one of the problems facing the Independent Biker. Always worrying about motorcycle club topics.

What is this one doing and that one doing what it basically comes down to?
Instead of those people worrying about motorcycle clubs what they should be doing is going out riding with friends and enjoying their independence.

Look, I was in a club and it was great.

But being an independent biker is actually bringing you to what a true biker is all about.
Freedom of the road and going through life on your own terms.
That’s what the lifestyle started out as. You could always tell who was for real and who, wasn’t.

Trucker targeted last month by the local president of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club went on to finish a delivery for his employer with a bullet hole in his vehicle

The older guys did what they wanted and when they wanted and didn’t care one bit about what people thought about them.

They also didn’t get involved with the politics of the club scene. Unlike today you can see it all the time staring at you on a computer screen.

Little secret everyone. Sure, I do the biker news and all that but after that work is completed I don’t think one bit about motorcycle clubs.

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It’s my job. Not my life. Been there and done that and now couldn’t be more happier being, an independent biker.

Instead of worrying about motorcycle clubs the Independent should be out there fighting for the things that are affecting them personally. Helmet Laws for one because many states are starting to revisit their laws.

Another one is getting involved trying to pass hard core stringent laws against cagers who are texting and kill a biker. I cannot think of a bigger issue facing the biker community than that one issue.

Every day we hear on the news that another biker or bikers got hit because some idiot cager was texting and driving.  Sure, most states have a law against this but what usually happens when someone kills a biker?

They don’t get charged with negligent homicide or manslaughter. They get off on some ridiculous misdemeanor and probation. How screwed up is that?If someone is texting and a biker gets killed they should at least face the same time as a cager in a DUI manslaughter case. I personally cannot even fathom the pain the families of a lost one feel when someone who killed their loved one just gets a slap on the wrist.

Another big issue I think is facing the Independent Biker.Getting up every morning going to work and next thing you know you’re taxed into the poor house.The gas taxes around this country are ridiculous. California I believe leads the nation for the highest gas prices. We are actually feeling the pain here in Illinois where our idiot Governor and his merry band of liberals just skyrocketed the gas tax.

So now you have bikers going to work and taking care of a family and get robbed at the gas pump. Sure, motorcycles don’t use that much gas but come on already. What use to take $7 bucks for me to fill up a tank now costs me $15.00. Over a 50% increase at the pump.That’s just insane right there.

I feel for you California because you’re probably thinking “You think that’s bad come visit our state.”Which, hell no!

One last thing I would like to talk about and think is the most important issue of them all.
This isn’t only affecting the biker community. But men have forgotten to be men.
One of the things most important to maintaining the lifestyle.

These new crops of people have a whole different viewpoint on the world, and something that I think is creeping its way into the scene. A day’s hard work is now something foreign to so-called men.

These types of people would rather sit back and let their ole ladies do the work for them.
These people actually frown on working. Something I guess is foreign to me because I always felt a good day’s work makes you a hell of a person.

I talked about it on our YouTube Channel. I work from 6am to 2pm in the studio and then I’m off to my other job.  I run a Firewood business and I’m out there cutting and splitting wood. Making calls to the wood suppliers and dealing with the public.

By the time Im off work. I’m hitting the shower with a joint.  One thing I get out of the day is knowing I was able to accomplish something. Have pride in going to work, paying the bills and taking care of the family. Something these newer cats are missing out on.
One word of advice I would give them people is get off your ass and work. I would ask them “How in the hell can you call yourself a biker when you’re sitting on your ass letting a woman take care of you?

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It’s sad, when you think about it these are the people who come on the internet and try to give their viewpoint on what’s going down. Pretty hypocritical don’t you think?
Yeah, screw that. Look in the mirror before trying to give others advice. Take care of your household and be a man.

You sure the hell don’t want to try and join a club because they don’t want you cause they, don’t want half sissys in their group.

Oh yeah, without a job you cannot afford that motorcycle. Anyways. What do you think is affecting the Independent biker?

Leave a comment and don’t forget to share on your social media pages to help the Throttle out.Until Next time, be safe and as always Rock On!

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  1. Glad you posted! It’s been a while!
    Right on target again! Been an independent all my life. Always given a hard ,honest days work and been proud of it. Keep up the great work, James!

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  2. Im in my later fifties..been a lone wolf independant my whole riding life..since 1978…. it makes me laugh when some dude .. or chick .. or group pull up beside me and shoot the hard eyeball look on you… fact is if they were to have a cut it would be the logo of the bank that is the proper owner of their bad ass scooters…lol .they have no idea that you have been in more club houses then they have had club house sandwiches…if borrowing money to buy a bike makes you so angry you get the tough guy look on maybe u should have just got a gym membership instead…. i know people love the freedom but alot of your new age independants are in their own shallow mind only intrested in clubber news.. they think they are secretly in a club..but its only in thier there are alot of others not like this. Please if your an independant know that clubs arent about drinking beer and chasing women anymore.. so please dont act like yourone of them.. the lable is Large..

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I agree with M.T.

    If the Truth hurts just follow the protocol of the Demo’Rats… don’t report it, “out of sight, out of mind “!
    I’m a Cowboy, a Steel horse I ride…

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  4. Again.
    Insane Throttle
    Well, you are part of the problem with regards to MC’s shedding bikers or riders in poor light! Media! Look what articles you have posted about MC’s and crime… it’s sounds and looks like a police report, which gives the general public the impression that any or everybody that rides are criminals! Reporting Nothing Positive, what the hell do you expect?
    The whiners about the laws or government…When was the last time the whiners voted? Most that I have spoken too have never voted in their life! And damn sure can not tell me who their elected state or U.S. Representative is in their district! “We The People” must no what the issues are and what the politicians stance(opinion) is on the issues and if you, are not in agreement then vote the Mfers Out. If you don’t vote then you can’t bitch or whine, you are irrelevant… and that is why and how brain-dead blood sucking politicians get in office and homestead on taxpayers $’s.
    Look at the stupid bitches called the “squad”, who the Phufk voted for them? Who the Phufk voted for the leftist in congress that want to change the United States from a Republic to socialism? Who the Phufk voted for the Marxist in congress that are trying to abolish the United States Constitution? Or, should I say “who didn’t vote at all that allowed the Anti-U.S. POS to get in the U.S. Congress”?????
    “Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining”…
    President Trump Making America Great Again .

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  5. Its called they don’t want to be in the news then don’t do stupid shit. This is a biker news site and regardless of club. If its news its printed. Those crying about it then do something to stop being in the news.

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  6. Your words;
    “I think I wanted to bring attention to the problems facing Independent Bikers because not enough creators or the news media talks about them much. It’s always about what is wrong in the biker community that makes up the bulk of the news articles that go out.
    I have some homework for yeah.

    Take a look at all the stories that come out on the biker scene.

    Now add up those stories and see how many focus on the positive of the lifestyle. Not many centers around the good bikers do.”

    The point I was trying to convey!
    Focus on the positive not the negative!!!
    Or, then again keep doing the same and expect different results!!!

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  7. Check out the Motorcycle Profiling Project — and the survey says: More independent motorcyclists report being harassed by leo’s than patch holders………….maybe being an independent is not as easy a ride as some would think………

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  8. The article seemed to support independent bikes, independent thought, but I’m not not so sure. First, as a long time local govt elected official, gas tax is best, fairest way to pay for roads. Here in Wisconsin the Rs stopped raising gas tax about twenty years ago and our roads went from about the best in country to the absolute worst. Few things are more critical to road riders than decent pavement. It isn’t free. Second, your support of hard work, I mostly agree, but then other comments are all anti liberal and maga. Nobody on this planet is lazier, or has done less actual work than 45, nobody. Never done dishes, or laundry or shoveled snow. Nothing. So please, a little consistency. I’ve been riding for 53 years, from choppers to Honda touring, and I’m a liberal. Never regretted one mile. What I would like to see is more independent mini camp sites. Sometimes I just knock on doors and ask if I can put up a tent. Usually works out. Have a good ride tomorrow.

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