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Are Motorcycle Clubs still the traditional clubs of the past?Do people really believe in protocol anymore?

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari Editorial and Opinion Columnist

Are Motorcycle Clubs still the traditional clubs of the past? Very interesting question I received the other day and figured this would be the perfect time to answer it. Of course this is only my opinion so don’t take it as gospel people.

No, I don’t think today’s modern motorcycle club is anything like what the original clubs were all about. I personally believe that Riding Clubs are actually more traditional than most motorcycle clubs.

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Before you get all your panties in a bind let me explain why I think this way.
For those that know history of the scene, many will know most clubs started off being race teams.

After the teams were, not let into the AMA they held their own events and were labeled as Outlaw Events.

This didn’t mean they were into illegal activity. It simply meant the event wasn’t AMA sanctioned.

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It was the motorcycle clubs that later on decided to start the traditions we know today. It Had nothing to do with the AMA labeling them this or that.
Recently I was accused that my demeanor changed towards clubs.

This couldn’t be the farthest from the truth.

Peter Fonda the son of Henry Fonda and the younger brother of Jane Fonda has died PEOPLE confirms. He was 79.

I believe in motorcycle club rights, but what I don’t believe in is all the violence happening around the country right now. This is an aspect of the motorcycle scene that is in no way considered Traditional in the sense of the word and where it originally came from.

Again, Riding clubs today is more like what some of the many clubs started out as.
Groups of people would get together on the weekends after a hard weeks work and go riding together and partying.

These people in no way even thought about going out and fighting each other. Something that today has become the norm.

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I think working at Insane Throttle Publishing and covering clubs this has actually came to the forefront in my mind lately.

When all you see in the headlines is this club fighting that club you sit there and ask yourself if you really can support the club scene with a straight face.
My answer lately has become no. No, I can’t. This is why the only time you hear about clubs is on Biker Angle.

I really have no interest in talking about them even though its a popular subject among bikers.

I truly believe the scene has gotten away from what its true self used to be.
It’s no longer about going out and riding and partying.
It’s become politics and drama. This supporter of one club arguing with another supporter from another club.

Commissioner has message for outlaw biker gangs Police have ‘significant powers’ to stop gangs

Not to mention the real bad stories that come out of the news we do.
Those stories have to do with members of motorcycle clubs pushing meth or something down those lines.

Sure, I know that a few members are not representative of a whole club. But I do feel the clubs bear some responsibility because they do not disavow those people when it goes down.

Actually, my real opinion of those who get busted pushing meth or any other hard drug is they are nothing more than low life pieces of crap who deserve to rot in the joint.
Now I’m a huge 420 guy. But weed is a long way from what meth or heroin can do to someone’s life.

Not only does it destroy the person whos taking it, but it destroys the families as well.
Why? Because some low life wants to make a buck. When they get busted, they cry they are being harassed by the cops or government.

Others might fall for that line, but I never will. It wasn’t the cops that put you in the situation, it was your stupidity and trash of a human being that did it.
Let‘s get to the big elephant in the room while we are at it.
When we do the biker news, we catch hell all the time because we will not correct an articles wording of calling a club a gang.

The fate of two men accused of assassinating a rival motorcycle club leader is now in the hands of a federal jury.

First off, if you know anything about biker news. Articles have been printed in their entirety since the earliest sites came on line.

The only difference now is people are hearing it and watching it from us. Sometimes I will throw opinions in there, but mostly its a shock to people to actually have to hear it instead of reading it.

Hits home a little more if you know what I mean.

Anyways, what are my thoughts on a gang being used in place of the motorcycle club?
Well, if you’re out there doing gangster shit and the club allows it, then they deserve the title.

Last time I checked some club members of regular clubs don’t go out selling meth or killing each other over territory or bottom rocker.
Claiming territory is and has always been associated with gangs.

So whatever way you want to package it. If your out there pulling gangster shit then own the tag. Don’t try and push some fantasy that all you consider yourself is a club. One more thing before I go on. Don’t expect for one minute that motorcycle and biker publications will continue to back you if this is what is going to happen. Don’t expect creators and independents to back your claim of motorcycle club profiling when clubs are killing each other.

If a club cannot police itself then why should we care? Plain and simple.
Onto the next subject.

A woman told Charlotte-Mecklenburg police that a group of ATV and dirt bike riders surrounded her car outside a Bojangles restaurant on West Boulevard before ramming her vehicle.

The internet is famous for calling out the shows Sons of Anarchy and Mayans as a reason for the black eye on motorcycle clubs.

Do you people know how ridiculous that crap is? I admit that the show had some influence on what some people do in real life because they are some weak minded individuals who are not set in reality. In the end it’s just tv and entertainment.
The show really did have anything to do with pop up clubs. No, that has all to do with the motorcycle clubs and not having the respect or backing they once did.
Oh, by the way. For those that say SOA puts clubs in a bad light.

If I’m not mistaken members of one of the biggest clubs in the world participated in that show. Even giving advice on it.

So if there is a problem with the show for clubs, I ask why the hell did 1% MC members play roles in it and give direction on how club life is?

Think about that for a moment when you hear club guys ragging on the show.
And don’t let anyone fool you. It might not be politically correct on the internet to say you’ve watched it. But almost everyone with a bike watched that show.
So let’s talk about pop up clubs.

Why do they exist? It’s because people are sick and tired of how the club scene has become. Most people are not into the asking for blessing anymore.

You actually cannot blame them now can you? After all, what man wants another man telling him what to do?

If all people want to do is get together with friends and ride under some stupid patch then why get your panties in a bind over it?

If these so called pop up clubs are not into your business or having any effect on your business than why even put them on your radar?
It’s actually causing you more problems than it‘s worth.

Oh, and to the supporters. What the hell is it your business to propagate the negative bullshit about some of these pop up clubs? You’re not the ones who have to deal with them, are you? No, you’re playing couch commando thinking your words mean something to someone.

In the end, you idiots don’t wear a patch or have anything to do with any club other than being supporters. Mind your damn business and maybe, just maybe, you won’t start any shit that don’t need to be started.

I think that is one thing that’s really starting to hurt motorcycle clubs by the way. The drama is thicker than high school. This is why I think many are turned off on clubs. Well, besides all the fighting and rules they try to enforce on a people that are far different today then they once were.

I think this is the main reason when people ask about motorcycle clubs I automatically recommend a riding club.

People don’t need the drama and motorcycles were originally all about riding and partying. Something it’s got away from in the clubs.

What grown ass man needs that kind of drama in their lives?

Most people I know work hard, raise families and the last thing they need is some political bs telling them what they can and cannot do. Or which club is better than the next.

The old protocols are now dead on arrival. It’s actually taken a long time and evolving for me to recognize this.

This is something many of the majors are going to have to learn.
So-called protocol is gone. People are different today than they were. In order to survive clubs need to evolve on this subject as well.

Most people no longer have any problems with supporting LEO and using them when you go after them.

It’s not a hush scene anymore. So again, why put your membership in potential jeopardy of going to prison over some stupid crap?

Hey, I’m an independent and really don’t give a crap what anyone of you do. But as a reporter and contributor to shows like Biker Angle and Motorcycle Madhouse. Someone who sees the scene as a whole I can tell you, if you don’t change the scene will go south.
Texas, the epicenter of profiling is just the start. Pretty soon those kinds of attitudes from LEO will spread nationwide. Especially if you guys are out there killing each other.
Well, looking back on that statement if my demeanor has changed, I have to say “Maybe, just maybe.” not because I no longer support motorcycle clubs. But because I’m not going to be the one to defend them when crap hits the fan. I don’t like looking like a fool. Especially when I know when something isn’t right about a situation. I’m not one of those other biker news sites sucking a clubs pole for me to be liked.
One of the major goals I had for Insane Throttle when it was just starting out was to give both sides of a story.

Give all parties involved an opportunity to speak their side and let the audience decide. When Insane Throttle became a fullfledged publication that vision became even more of a priority because we didn’t want to be the publication who gave only one side or became a propaganda machine for one organization over another.
In a way I got away from that idea because I’ve put my personal feelings into the story and really didn’t give all sides.

For example, my dislike for LEO and LEO motorcycle clubs. I would always make sure not to tell their stories because of my perceptions.

That’s something that isn’t in line with what I envisioned for Insane Throttle.
Insane Throttle was supposed to be a place where everyone in the motorcycle community could come for without bias reporting.

This is something I’ve been correcting over the seasonal break with motorcycle madhouse.

The break allows me to re tool the show and also the content we put out on our other platform to be all inclusive to everyone in the biking community.
Most of our material has always dealt with motorcycle clubs vs LEO.
Not anymore. SO My advice would be if you don’t like the retooled insane throttle than hit the road. Because we are becoming all inclusive and presenting all sides of the story like my original envision for the publication was.

For those who support this kind of vision, I say thanks for all the support. I’ve been able to really get to know all the regulars which is something Ive never could have had with the other sites that have a great deal more numbers.
One thing before this ride comes to an end and that is Chuck Jines over at Backroad biker.

Shots were fired Saturday into a West Warwick house hosting a party for the Pagan Motorcycle Club

Many people ask all the time my thoughts on him.

My answer is I don’t care. We do our thing and he does his.
If his club is going to have a problem than its his to deal with.
We are a news organization and frankly something like that isn’t news.
If you don’t like what he is doing than go over to his channel or website and let him know.Insane Throttle won’t get mixed up in the drama.
So thanks again for all the support and look forward to presenting a whole new retooled Insane Throttle for everyone.

Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and Instagram.
Until next time.
Rock ON!!!

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  1. Well! There you are Hollywood!!! Been waiting for you! After your last article about being independent, I knew you were getting close to a change of ideas. Clubs today are NOTHING like they started out like. Many clubs today are as far away from the biker way of life and the biker ideal as smart cars are! Keep up the good work, James!!

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  2. Sir, great article. Finally someone tells it like it is. Clubs today are not like the clubs from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. If you are a club and don’t want to be known as a gang, why do you care about territory and bottom rockers? Gangs care about territory not Clubs. Clubs today are wearing bottom rockers NOT because they want to claim a territory. They wear them because that’s where they live and nothing more. This whole protocol non-sense is fake. It was made up in the 1980’s as a way of taxing other clubs for the right to wear a patch. It has nothing to do with tradition. If you’re a club and not a gang then protocol makes no sense. You do you and I will do me. Dominant clubs claim protocol but when smaller clubs try to follow protocol and try and talk to them about establishing themselves they get ignored or threatened. Some dominants wont sit down, meet with or even return messages from other clubs wanting to start their club. How can they follow this alleged protocol when no one will even tell them what or how to do it. Its because its not about protocol but about how much money a club is willing to pay for the right to wear a patch. So, a club wanting to do it right cant do it right because the dominant clubs wont even return their calls or meet with them so they can establish themselves unless they pay a tax. Again, you claim to be a club but you run yourself like a gang. Its all crap. Here in Florida, everyone is rocking bottom rockers and who is even the dominant? If you ask for permission from one club the other clubs get pissed. The confederation doesn’t work either because they are not willing to mediate between clubs even if they tell you they are. No confederation is going to get in the way of diamond clubs claiming to be the dominant in a State. Great article Hollywood. Its good to see you evolve. I wish the Dominant/1%er Clubs in the sunshine state would read this article and realize the startup clubs or mom and pop clubs are not their enemy and they are certainly not worth fighting with over something so small as a patch. Most non Outlaw Clubs don’t want to get involved in the 1% world, they just want to ride with their brothers and be left alone. They just want to ride and mind their business without being threatened constantly because of what they wear. Thanks Hollywood again for an enlightening article and well written.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ::: Waves :::
    Time for some plain speaking, here. … The clubs have devolved into what I’d consider grade school, boys clubs. What’s worse is that there is no one adulting at the top so the whole club runs wild.
    You know, when we were kids and if we had parents of any worth we all got a message of something to being responsible for our actions. You don’t see that in clubs anymore. Not saying it does not exist, just that it’s not being shown. It’s more likely you see cover ups and excuses. Sorry boys, that just don’t wash anymore.
    I’ll quit while I’m ahead. Be well, Hollywood.


  4. Great piece Hollywood.. big thanks for turning the light on for some of these nieve readers..their ideals of wishing to be in a club is so thet can have the GP ( general public) look at them and real in envy… if they only knew the truth of the greed that has made clubs be what they are today they may think otherwise.. being killed by a brother???? Are you for real?? Why would someone join any club that has ever done that???????? Clubs have a bussiness agenda— THATS IT… NOTHING ELSE…. after decades of being a biker and fully enjoying the atmosphere of have cold beer a stick of electric lettuce and a good motorcycle ride i would like to say..THE PARTYS OVER… more good times (BEER..BABES..AND BIKES.) i have seen so many that were involved in a club that was alot of fun throught the patch that meant so much be tossed to the ground and replaced with a patch that brings TRRRROOUUBBLLE.. patchover is a concept that sickens me.. especialy FORCED PATCH OVERS.. that bullshit goes on everywhere.. in my mind droping your patch you had loyalty to acually had no loyalty at the end the respect is only from within.. respect yourself dont try to put on a patch and force people to respect you.. chances are the respectyou will be getting is not genuine.. just sayin…. …


  5. Clubs are way different now, you want to ride with friends and hangout, then do that, don’t try and start your own bullshit club, you want to be in a club for old values, then join a dominant old club, if that’s not what you want then just ride, you don’t need to wear a patch to be cool or look tough, everyone now a days wants a patch for the wrong reasons and don’t want to put the work in to get it the right way, to many guys jumping club to club just trying to get a diamond to look tough, all the wrong reasons and no loyalty or trust in a brother like that, thanks sons of anarchy lol


  6. Having been heavily involved in the 60;s on, I’ve definitely seen changes I don’t like. First of all, there was no meth and there weren’t that many 1%er’s using or involved in heroin. It was a weed, uppers and downers kind of thing but mostly alcohol. Also, nobody was killing, much less beating the shit out of their own members. Hell yes we rode hard, partied hard and people pretty much got the fuck out of our way, but things were different. It was a completely different time and era. You cannot compare it to today. People have changed, laws have changed. For those of us who were brave and strong enough to be free as we were and lived as we pleased, that still came with a lot of grief in a lot of ways, be it from LEO or deaths of those closest to us. And show any sign of pain or weakness, fuck no. Doesn’t matter you just lost four people at once in an accident, You don’t forget them, you just keep riding and don’t dwell on that shit. And we all rode on rigid frames. Nobody but Cops and Old men rode a Harley with suspension. No self respecting biker would be caught dead on one. Were those fuckers painful to ride? FUCK YES. Did anyone ever snivel, no. You just got off, stretched a little, took a deep breath with a big fucking smile on your face. No helmets, front fenders, stereos, windshields, saddlebags, face mask, electric starter. Yeah, Club members acting like fools, I lose respect for those individuals or when it’s whole Chapter involved. Get your shit together or get out.
    We seldom had serious issues with other 1% Clubs and when it did occur it was due to some moron doing something egregiously foolish. Or in other instances not Club related, again, some idiot, usually too drunk and or high got stupid and suffered the consequences. Nobody fucking died. A whole lot of things went on and took place throughout the years and I ain’t talking about it, not sure I even remember. Almost everyone I knew from way back when is dead now anyway. But my loyalties are still to the people here and the family that exists. No one knows what we shared. I’ll be bleeding Red & White until my last breath no matter what. Nobody gets to judge my reasons. they weren’t there.


  7. My old man’s brother & sister-in-law got him into watching soa. I had to sit there and both laugh and get pissed telling him what complete bullshit the whole thing was.
    Then about three months later, the sister-in-law walks in wearing a soa t-shirt. It was all I could do to not allow myself to cause a gigantic family fight over my ripping that shit off of her stupid ass. Two of his brothers had Harley’s at the time, one still does. They were typical assholes all decked out in the clothes from the dealer. I was laughing all the time at them. Now, the one who’s still got the Harley, that idiot just had it repainted in camo. I laughed again. That stupid fuck doesn’t know you NEVER put olive green on your Harley. That’s been considered bad luck for going on close to 75 years. MORON! Yeah, I don’t like him and he doesn’t like me either. As if I care. He’s afraid to even see or talk to me, guess that’s what happens when an asshole finds out that I’m really not afraid of anything or anybody. He has no idea who I am or where I’ve been. Advantage, me. Even My old man only knows an iota, he’s actually clueless as well. Better for everyone.
    I just limit myself to eviscerating them verbally and they don’t even understand what I’m saying, so that’s amusing.
    I just don’t look good in handcuffs. (LAUGHING!).


    Haven’t watched Mayan’s, heard it’s better than soa, but TV and Film never get anything right so fuck it.




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