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A former member of the Joliet Outlaws Motorcycle Club, was charged with killing Katie Kearns at the Outlaws’ clubhouse

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  1. Seems like not killing someone in the clubhouse would be a very strong point to look at.
    Sure, people loose control,the old ‘When anger comes in the door,intelligence goes out the window.’ Yet for a full patched biker to loose his s#%t & disrespect the club like that would bring big consequences most would not want to risk.
    The fact that the young woman had some mental health issues should be looked at thoroughly. Often with a troubled mind comes suicidal ideation. Not an easy state of mind to fight.(I know from experience.)
    Also the article states that there is no hard evidence against Boshears.
    I think the best to hope for is that he has a very good,smart lawyer.
    Innocent people being wrongly convicted has got to be one of the bigger crimes in society. Hopefully the truth will prevail. Not an easy case to be sure.
    Much luck to all involved.
    Stay strong.


  2. You could move the body so that heat would not be brought into the club. That doesn’t mean that anyone at the club killed her. Her boy friend shouldn’t be in jail if they don’t know their azz from a hole in the ground.


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