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A public spat between former Bandido enforcer John Fahey and ex-Hells Angels bikie Ben ‘Notorious’ Geppert was sparked over disturbing video of a six-year-old girl snorting salt as if it were cocaine.

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Alana Mazzoni

A public spat between former Bandido enforcer John Fahey and ex-Hells Angels bikie Ben ‘Notorious’ Geppert was sparked over disturbing video of a six-year-old girl snorting salt as if it were cocaine.

Geppert – who now dates Allaina Vader with whom Fahey shares the child – was filmed at a restaurant crushing up salt for the young girl to snort, The Courier Mail reported.

The post also showed the girl snorting the crushed up salt.

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On Friday night, Fahey uploaded the now-deleted post to social media along with the caption: ‘Ya crush up salt and get my 6 year old daughter to snort it. Your (sic) going to be snorting ya teeth maggot … Ben Geppert bone yard dog.’

In retaliation for the salt-sniffing incident, a number of Fahey’s associates targeted Geppert in a Gold Coast shopping centre on Friday.

The men filmed themselves trying to taunt a disinterested Geppert into brawling with them, while hurling abuse.

‘I’m not going to jail over you,’ Geppert said while walking away.

The ‘reformed’ bikie later said he was serving a suspended jail sentence for a brawl last year, and would likely end up behind bars for three years if he broke the law.

‘Ya dog, ya dog, ya dog c**t,’ the men yelled out. ‘Why don’t you fight me, dog?’

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‘You wanna come one-on-one, why you running off? Ya fu**in’ snake dog’.

The boys put it on ya and what, ya s**t ya pants your (sic) a big mouth s**t talker maybe if ya misses was there to tell ya ‘have a crack,’ the post’s caption read.

Vader defended Geppert, and lashed out at her former partner on Instagram over his poor fathering of their daughter, Halo.

When Hardside Hells Angel Suminder “Ali” Grewal wanted to buy some investment property in Maple Ridge last year, he turned to a mortgage broker to get financing.

‘Worry about your new child before you die of old age or coke overdose,’ he said.

‘You left three kids behind to go have another kid at the age of 45,’ she wrote, referring to Fahey’s newborn child with his new partner.

‘Halo and I are are lucky to have someone like Ben. She knows Ben a lot better and a lot longer then (sic) she knows you’.

Vader went on to say that Fahey left when Halo was three-years-old, and said he is ‘not my child’s father’.

Nomads bikie president Moudi Tajjour publicly slammed Geppert for refusing to fight Fahey’s associates.

Tajjour – who is nightclub baron John Ibrahim’s cousin – blasted Geppert on Instagram for being ‘a disgrace to the gangster lifestyle’.

While Tajjour and Geppert were members of rival bikie gangs, they were friends until Thursday night.

The pair had partied together in Sydney and even hosted a joint podcast where they spoke about staying out of trouble and being ‘legitimate’.

But on Friday, Tajjour publicly announced he was unfollowing and distancing himself from Geppert.

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‘Blocked him and want (the) entire world to see I stand with only men who won’t ever be called out face-to-face and walk away away,’ he said.

This is a disgrace to a gangster lifestyle’.

‘I don’t stand with this bloke anymore. At the end of the day, I ain’t someone to start bagging someone online ain’t my style’.

‘This post is to simply distance myself from this sort of character’.

Geppert then used his Instagram account to hit back using a stream of foul language, claiming the two never genuine friends.

‘Moudi, grow up, you were my mate five minutes ago – and now you’re bridging up, because of a video?

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‘I was never your mate I used you.

‘I used Moudi for his f**king podcast, I was never his mate – I just used him for media attention, and it worked, simple … it’s what I do, it’s a hustle’.

He went on to say that his critics were trying to destroy his reputation.

‘I just want you to know that I’ve changed my life around for a reason – I’ve f**ked all this street s**t off, I’ve f**ked all these gronks off’.

He continued by saying he had started his own clothing company, and the negative attention would only boost his sales.

What makes you think I’m going to waste all my hard-earned money and time into this business by going to jail,’ he said.

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‘I’m on a six year suspended sentence, you do the math, punching on again in public like i did with the KFC fight – it’s going to put me in jail for three years,’ he said.

‘I’m in the clothing business now, it ain’t about that s**t’.

Despite Geppert’s refusal to engage with the group of unknown men, he hasn’t shied away from public fights in the past.

In May last year, Geppert made headlines when his girlfriend Allaina Vader filmed him brawling with another man outside a KFC restaurant in in Brisbane.

Geppert was seen charging across a car park as a female accomplice screamed, ‘it’s your turn now, idiot!’

More than 250 Hells Angels joined family and friends of murdered Hardside biker at a Delta funeral home on Friday.

The pair scuffled and swore at one another until the second man toppled into a white Range Rover.

The camerawoman taunted Geppert’s nemesis by yelling ‘suck s**t’ but also tried to defuse the incident by warning police would be on their way.

However in April this year, the infamous bikie announced he was turning over a new leaf to earn an honest living as hard-working tradesman.

He took to Instagram to tell his 11,000 followers that he was ditching his ‘gangster life’ and has a new job.

A car has been torched in Adelaide, the latest in a string of violent attacks linked to an ongoing feud between rival bikie gangs over a substantial drug debt

But he seems to have ditched his bad boy ways, posting a photo of himself in hi-vis gear to the picture-sharing app.

‘Went from enforcer to the work force,’ the heavily-tattooed tradie captioned a photo of him wearing hi-vis gear.

‘Took control of my life, grew up and understood there ain’t (sic) no life being a gangster’.

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  1. People don’t split up for no good reason. That girl is only six, he’s been gone for three years. why isn’t he getting to spend time with her. If her mother isn’t allowing them time together, she’s just a fucking evil cunt who is screwing up her daughter.
    And what moron has a child snorting salt?
    Give them both props for cleaning up their acts and being legit.
    Sounds to me like the father is a better parent though.


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