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A motorcyclist has died after an accident on Saturday caused by grass clippings left in the road, according to witnesses.

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By David Nelson


BUREAU COUNTY, Ill. (KWQC) – A motorcyclist has died after an accident on Saturday caused by grass clippings left in the road, according to witnesses.

Cheryl Zeglen, 59, of Canton, Illinois, was riding with her husband and other motorcyclists on County Highway Route 6 in Bureau County when the accident occurred.

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When the group came upon grass clippings left on the road, the lead rider, Zeglen’s husband, Tom Zeglen, began to lose control, according to WEEK-TV.

When Tom Zeglen slowed down, Cheryl Zeglen crashed into him and was ejected from her motorcycle.

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Zeglen died at the hospital two days later.

In late April, KWQC published a story about the potential dangers grass clippings can pose for motorcycle riders.

A Kentucky lawmaker has prefiled a bill which would make it a crime to leave unsafe amounts of leaves or mowed grass on highways.

Zeglen was a waitress at Joe’s Place in Norris, Illinois, and worked previously as a paralegal, according to her obituary.

Funeral services will be held Friday, June 14.

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  1. Do I have this correct? The Motorcyclist died in Illinois, but the law is being proposed in Kentucky?

    Here’s an idea. Quit spending stupid money on a wall, multi-trillion tax breaks for the wealthiest 1 or 2%, tax multi-billion and multi-trillion dollar profitable corporations, not to mention that we spend nine times more on defense than every country in the world combined, etc.

    Then there will be enough to replace and repair our infrastructure, as well as many other necessities.

    Food for thought,


  2. 1) I’m not a Communist
    2) Also not a Troll
    3) I have lost more friends to motorcycle accidents than I can count, so fuck off
    4) Grow up. Move out of your Mommy’s basement.


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