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A BIKER gang leader known as ‘King Kong’ has been captured by police The fugitive had reportedly been living in a luxury house

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Officers arrested the Dutchman at a bar in San Pedro on suspicion of ordering multiple murders in the Netherlands.

The 36-year-old is believed to be a prominent member of the outlawed Caloh Wagoh motorcycle club, considered a criminal organisation by Dutch police.

The fugitive had reportedly been living in a luxury house in Marbella with his pregnant wife and three children for several months.

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A video of the arrest shows a man in a white polo top and flip flops being tackled to the ground and pinned by two cops.

The man is currently in prison pending extradition back to the Netherlands.

The operation had been coordinated by Spain’s Special Response Groups for Organized Crime, working closely with Dutch authorities on the ground in Malaga.

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Caloh Wagoh is believed to have several hundred members, and like other illegal biker gangs, they use the Costa del Sol as a place to lie low.

The motorcycle gang has been linked to a string of attacks including one in June when a rocket launcher was fired at an Amsterdam office building.

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  1. Yeah, The Netherlands, where no Club is allowed to exist.
    I used to have a great time in that country. But they’re even destroying Christiania in Amsterdam. The cops are all over their shit now and people are starting to leave, which is exactly what those fuckers want. They’ve had enough of hippies and dope dealers being free and living free of government control. They had their own controls. Now the big government boots are stomping all over them too.
    That country used to be considered the happiest place in the world. I think that shit has definitely changed now.
    There isn’t enough money to pay me to go back there again. They can fuck themselves.


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