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A party with booze and multiple strippers allegedly attended by Hells Angels Motorcycle Club Members

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A party with booze and multiple strippers, allegedly attended by Hells Angels gang members, was held in one of Langley Township’s own facilities earlier this spring, according to an internal Township email.

The email exchange between staffers was sent a few days after the April 6 party, in which a group rented a room at the George Preston Recreation Centre.

“It was brought to my attention by [another staff member] that the Hells Angels rented a room at George Preston Arena on Saturday, April 06, 2019,” the email says. “This group is apparently known to Township staff due to having brought strippers to previous facility rentals.”

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The staff member went on to write that there were eight strippers at the April 6 event.

One staff member was told there was a problem in one of the washrooms, and walked in to find eight naked women inside.

“Staff were very uncomfortable,” the email exchange said.

A more senior staff member replied and noted that both the clerical and facilities departments of the Township would be looking into the matter.

The email was provided to the Langley Advance Times by a Township staffer who asked to remain anonymous.

The staffer said the event was not a secret within the Township.

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Activities at the event did violate the Township’s terms and conditions for room rentals, confirmed Peter Chevrier, the Township’s manager of corporate communications.

Chevrier said the April 6 event was booked as a birthday party.

“We can confirm that the event was booked by an individual and not a group,” Chevrier wrote in an email. “This individual had not rented this facility previously.”

The Township has not responded to questions about whether there were complaints from staff about the previous incidents involving the same group and strippers, or whether staff had a policy of refusing admittance to gang members.

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There may be some changes to policies on renting Township facilities to the public in the near future.

“Currently, rental terms and conditions are embedded within our rental contracts, but to better manage our room rentals we have been working on an overarching policy for all of our facilities,” Chevrier wrote in an email to the Langley Advance Times.

He did not comment on what the results were of the Township’s internal review nor investigation after the April 6 party.

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The same evening that the party with strippers was booked at the George Preston Recreation Centre, a Loonie and Toonie Public Skate was scheduled for 7 to 8:15 p.m.

It is unclear if the party overlapped with the public skate or not.

Hells Angels members have been the target of violence during the ongoing gang wars in the Lower Mainland.

On Aug. 2, Hells Angel Suminder Grewal, 43, was shot and killed in broad daylight while he sat in his car in a South Surrey Starbucks drive through. Two men have been charged with first degree murder in the case.

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On Oct. 16, 2016, senior Hells Angel member Robert Keith Green was shot and killed at his 72nd Avenue Langley property by Jason Francis Wallace, another Langley man with a record of violent crime.

Wallace quickly turned himself in to the police and later pleaded guilty to manslaughter. Eight days after Green was killed, the dismembered body of Shaun Alan Clary was found on the side of Robertson Crescent in rural Langley. Both Clary and Wallace were said to have ties to the 856 gang, and investigators said the deaths of Green and Clary were likely connected

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  1. Something definitely wrong with You if you dont like Booze & Strippers…Alpha Males dam sure aint a bunch of PC Soyboy’s of todays generation


  2. Isn’t this a bitch. The police vow to crack down on bikers yet they let ANTIFA and these street gangs run all over people. If they are cracking down on bikers and their clubs they surly will go after ANTIFA and the street gangs. I mean street gangs have been killing people were bickers only kill when someone is trying to kill them. Thugs from street gangs will shoot up a families house without regard for who is inside. Woman kids adults. It don’t matter to these pieces of shit.
    I say we all get together and call for the police to get the street gangs if they are so set on destroying a biker club.


  3. Why do you refer to H.A as a gang? They are a motorcycle club just like the Outlaws, Bandidos, etc.


  4. George Preston Recreation Center got paid right the township sold the liquor and clearly had hookers ready to work and even staff attended so whats the issue unless the township would rather have gang shootings and drug dealers having parties there instead Cmon folk the media are now desperate for biker news as this is just scrapings


  5. Shocking! Booze and Tits & Ass at an HA Party. Wow. In all these years I’ve so seen that forever. And ever.
    All that happened was that some uptight cunt walked in the bathroom and freaked out and got her panties all in a bunch. Get a sense of humor you dumb bitch,
    Same shit will happen when they use the space for a party for the local mayor of whoever.
    It’s not like they burned the fucking building down. They just had a party.
    Get over yourselves.


  6. Can someone please tell me what the problem is with them renting a room for a event as long as they paid for it just as everyone else does maybe the problem was that certain people weren’t invited to the event and felt like they were left out in the cold away from all of the strippers


  7. Omg booze and chicks….you fuckin make me laugh. First off, they are not a gang, they are a well organized motorcycle club. And they arent the only group or club to have fun. We need this club when the shit hits the fan. Because i for one dont call cops. (The most corrupt gang in the world). So treat them with respect and you will get nothing but the same in return!


  8. did they pay for it so what you’re saying when more than one person wants to rent it the whole group has to come in say for birthday party everybody’s going that’s going to attend just going to have to come in when they rent it??


  9. Gang members??? You mean club members… Ever hear of profiling??? Some the the most honest respectful people someone can meet!! Congress are a bunch of gang members!!


  10. Motorcycle Clubs are not gangs, as you stated at the very beginning of this article. Please get your facts straight. Thank you.


  11. Hell’s angel are a criminal organisation or are they?
    Ok the blog is not related to this, so bite me.
    Organizations sell drugs. Both are in it to make an income. They both wear organisational insignias.
    At least HA stand for brothers looking after brothers, not just to feather their nests for a profit and life dependancy.

    Alcohol and dancing prostitutes..its laughable.

    Let the first innocence person throw that stone


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