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Bandidos Motorcycle Club and the Comancheros Motorcycle Club went to war in the carpark of the Viking Tavern

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By Richard Wood

For many, Father’s Day symbolises a time for paternal love, admiration and gentle memories.
But 35 years ago in south-western Sydney the day became forever tarnished with death and bikie gang terror when The Milperra Massacre erupted.
On Father’s Day – September 2 – in 1984, the Bandidos and the Comancheros went to war in the carpark of the Viking Tavern at Milperra.
An innocent 15-year-old girl was killed along with six bikies, while a further 21 bikies were badly injured.
The battle took place amid a group of innocent bystanders who were enjoying a family day out at a motorcycle swap-meet in the tavern carpark.
The Comancheros suffered the heaviest casualties, losing four members while the Bandidos lost two of their brothers.
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Dozens more were injured including the Comancheros founder and leader, William “Jock” Ross.
Ross has long maintained his gang did not start the fire fight.
A group of Comancheros, including Ross, arrived, armed with firearms and other weapons.
And when about 30 Bandidos arrived in the carpark, the outnumbered Comancheros were quick to draw.

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Witness Linda Motton said it was “absolute chaos”.
Amid the gunfire, 15-year-old Leanne Walters was shot dead by a Rossi .357 magnum rifle.
The massacre enthralled the nation and triggered a massive police investigation that culminated in about 31 people being tried for murder.
Nine men were convicted of the seven murders and 21 men convicted on seven counts of manslaughter.
But the Bandidos president Anthony Mark “Snoddy” Spencer, did not face the court, having taken his own life while in prison.
The men convicted of murder received prison sentences ranging from life to 18 years.
Among those found guilty of murder were eight Comancheros including Ross, and one Bandido, Tony “Lard” Melville.
However, the murder convictions were later overturned to manslaughter on appeal.
The bikies had their sentences drastically reduced, including Ross.
He is today living a quite life in NSW but in a 60 Minutes interview earlier this year, briefly reflected on the bloody events 35 years ago.
“It’s a shame it happened … that’s all … it’s a shame it happened,” he said.
“I lost a lot of good friends … that’s it.”
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