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A man who was beaten after pulling a gun on Hells Angels members at Bar Italia has now been hit with criminal charges.

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A man who was beaten after pulling a gun on Hells Angels members at Winnipeg’s Bar Italia has now been hit with criminal charges.

Police were called to the Corydon Village bar back on July 13, around 1 a.m., about a man with a firearm.

The man had been confronted by the Hells Angels and assaulted by a full-patch member, prompting him to point the gun and threaten the group, police said.

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The man and all members the motorcycle gang left the area before police arrived.

An investigation by the Winnipeg police organized crime unit and biker enforcement unit identified a suspect, who was tracked to an address on Clifton Street near Portage Avenue.

Grow op discovered

Armed with a warrant, police searched the home on July 24 and arrested a 33-year-old man and 34-year-old woman.

Police seized cocaine, gun parts, ammunition, brass knuckles, $6,000 in cash, 82 grams of an unknown powder and drug packaging materials, including a digital scale and hydraulic press, both contaminated with a substance, they said.

Hells Angels parties worry anti-gang cops Police worry about violence targeting the outlaw motorcycle group

They also found a marijuana grow op with plants and dried bud. The value, including the equipment, is estimated to be about $21,000.

The man has been charged with numerous weapons and drug offences. Charges have yet to be laid against the woman, but police said she also faces drug and weapons charges.

The full-patch Hells Angels member, who allegedly assaulted the 33-year-old suspect, turned himself in to police on Sept. 4.

The 38-year-old man is charged with assault.

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  1. Motherfucker probably deserved to get his ass beat.
    That’s how it used to be. We used our fists. We weren’t shooting and knifing everybody. We didn’t need to.


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