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Three members of Southern Cross motorcycle club killed including a married couple sharing a bike

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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — What was supposed to be a recreational ride for members of a Virginia motorcycle club has left three dead and two injured after one bike’s crash set off a chain of other wrecks along a highway.

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Southern Cross motorcycle club founder Teddy Newsome said Monday that he and seven members had gone out for a joy ride Saturday. He told The Richmond Times-Dispatch he was leading the way as the members, some carrying two people per bike, followed. Then, he saw the first bike go down, as three other motorcycles behind it lost control and crashed, some hitting guard rails.

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Police say three people died, including a married couple sharing a bike. Two more remain in the hospital. State Police are investigating. Sgt. Keeli Hill said speed was a factor.

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  1. Me was in one accident 20 years ago
    Survive 3 cars
    My heart cry when me read news like this R.I.P


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