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Head Hunters Motorcycle Club member denied entry into airport because of affiliation

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A member of a notorious New Zealand bikie gang has been denied entry to Australia after a flight to Perth last week.

The 36-year-old arrived on a flight from Auckland on Friday at Perth Airport and was immediately interviewed by Australian Border Force staff.

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When it was determined he was a member of the Head Hunters outlaw motorcycle gang he was denied entry under s116(1)(e)(i) of the Migration Act 1958.

He spent two nights at Perth Immigration Detention Centre before flying back to New Zealand on Sunday.

ABF WA Regional Commander Rod O’Donnell any non-citizen involved with a criminal organisation should expect to have their Australian visa cancelled on arrival and be removed from the country.

The former headquarters of the Hells Angels ­motorcycle gang the last remaining biker clubhouse to be sold off under biker laws.

“The ABF maintains a strong focus on working with its law enforcement partners in disrupting the activities of outlaw motorcycle gangs in the ongoing fight to protect the Australian community” Commander O’Donnell said.

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  1. Unfuckenbelieveable it just a matter of time, what will be outlawed next, biker reproduction. There is no freedom in a communist world


  2. Fundamental human rights are breached big time,anyone that says people should be treated poorly for a choice they made to become a member of motorcycle club.(gang) what’s the difference between a headhunter and a ara -toa


  3. The government might think they’re being clever by doing this, but I bet this comes back to bite them in the behind.


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