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Tarantino spent a significant period detailing threats made to him in the years after he witnessed the Black Market Cafe murders in which Rebels bikers gunned down members of the Bandidos motorcycle club

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By Kelly Fedor

The man accused of murdering Sydney schoolgirl Quanne Diec has told the Supreme Court he had to falsely confess to get to a safe place.
Vinzent Tarantino, 52 has pleaded not guilty to kidnapping and killing the 12-year-old, whose body has never been found.
On his second day giving evidence he addressed a statement to police, almost 20 years after she disappeared.
“I had to make a false confession so I could get to a safe place, I was in total physical and mental anguish,” he said.
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Tarantino spent a significant period detailing threats made to him in the years after he witnessed the Black Market Cafe murders in which Rebels bikies gunned down members of the Bandidos.
“I could see no way out to be honest,” he said.
But he claimed the threats continued after he was arrested for the murder, even while in a police vehicle.
“I looked up and I saw what looked like a firearm, or the barrel of a firearm pointing at me,” he said.
“The gun was pointed at me the whole time.
“I couldn’t recall straight away who it was but I knew who it was … it’s the same police officer who I found in bed with my partner in 1992.”
He said he was also shown material in jail cells at two different locations which led him to believe his family was “all dead.”
It was in that context he said he agreed to lead police to the body in bushland south of Sydney.
“Because of all the threats that had been made, I had no idea of the location of any body,” he said.
“I had no option but to cooperate at that stage.”
The accused killer struggled to keep his composure throughout the day.
At one stage he repeated in a raised voice, “it’s all there”, even after the judge ordered he return to the dock.
He also addressed Quanne Diec’s family directly to tell them they had been misled.
The trial continues.
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