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A high-ranking member of the Pagan Motorcycle Club has been arrested accused of ordering the beating of a former club member who prosecutors said nearly killed the man.

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CHARLEROI, Pa. – A high-ranking member of the Pagan Motorcycle Club has been arrested and charged in a bar beating.

Michael Barringer is accused of ordering the beating of a former club member who prosecutors said nearly killed the man.

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Prosecutors said Barringer is the third-highest ranking member of the Pagan Motorcycle Club and that he ordered the man’s beating to “send him a message.”

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Prosecutors said Barringer also hired a private investigator, who is a retired state trooper. They said he paid the investigator $2,500 to approach the victim’s family and offer them a settlement.

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Retired state trooper James Baranowski told the victim and his wife they would be taken care of financially and guaranteed their safety in exchange for them not pursing the criminal case, prosecutors said.

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Barringer’s defense attorney argued that Baranowski was not offering a bribe, but offering the family a civil option that would have involved lawyers and helped the family.

A judge dropped the obstruction charge. Barringer will go to trial for felony intimidation of a victim and intimidation.

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  1. Your be fine Bruh. Not really a big charge pet se. Codes are Codes. Break em? Then ger broken.
    Sure the bruh broke a serious code to getting stomped down.
    Restitution was a good gesture. Seems Ya should’ve done in one on one Bruh. Might have gone down easier. Forgiveness comes with a price. Ride on and leave it behind. Do time pay fines was meant to rhyme.
    Peace to All. One!!


  2. Bruh u dont even knw u fagget ….. That guy my friend is now half crippled he can barely remember his name because these dumb dumbasses. They was Tuff going six Against One and meanwhile the dude was completely wasted

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  3. what is the name of the Club that is using their members to get the Pagan’s MC locked up ? I thought 1% clubs fought other 1% clubs with out police involvement ? I remember being out numbered about 8 or 9 to 1 beating up hells angels when i was younger I remember fighting another gang about 6-1 and I killed one and i got in trouble. I hate to admit I am to old to fairly beat that many now with out killing a few I did not know Ratting to the police was an option to get rid of your enemies I figured you were suppose to beat them, Up or kill them .why don’t the club that is ratting on pagans MC just go attack them isn’;t that what the code of honor is ? I am Not a biker I have no clue .about biker codes . I thought ratting was taboo but this news article make it appear normal that a man in a 1% club is blaming Pagan;s MC for beating him up and his 1% club is happy because they are scared to attack the Pagan’s MC they would rather put them in jail.


  4. today unfortunately these are the major problems that we are facing,there’s hardly any honorable men left the ones who are come from the old school who were brought up differently with values and respect besides knowing

    what their gender is.Its all about following rules and punctuality and being honest which means being honest to yourself first before you can be honest to anyone else.That’s being a stand -up man in my book,this is simply what good men are all about.If some jerkoof lied to himself that means he lied to everyone he came in contact with,so that’s probably the reason he got the shit beat out of him,no one loves a lier no judge,prosecuted,cop,or for that matter a 1%er.So please tell me the difference these fucking bullshiting,lying,bureaucrat people are fucking up people’s lives every day because they have the right to a powerful position but ask yourself again if it’s fair to take away a man’s freedom because he rides a motorcycle and doesn’t believe inpartaking into the establishment instead he follows his own belifes just like so many people.Listen citizens as long as you keep letting the government take all your constitutional rights away from you and your weapons as well as your freedom to bear arms folks eventually you will all be enslaved again and the commies will be in full control of your lives and people you’ll have no rights to anything.So please citizens don’t belive all the bullshit that you hear from all the propagandist who create all of this bullshit drama it’s only for the slow retarted motherfuckers to belive,any citizen that has a fucking brain would know better.


  5. WTF??? We have the feds up our asses lookin to shut down 1% clubs and our lifestyle as we know it. State and local pigs profiling motorcyclist, harassing just about anyone with a patch, both the feds and State gov. violating our constitutional rights and “some of us” are fuckin helping them.We need to police our own, squash some of the bullshit beefs, and I say this loosely band together or else we may see the end of this lifestyle as we know it.


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