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Seven members of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang have been put behind bars for attacking rivals during a meeting

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Members of a brutal motorcycle gang have been locked up for viciously beating their rivals in a sleepy home counties village.

On November 7 last year the Vikings Motorcycle Club and their support group Wargs Brotherhood had settled down at the Forman Institute in Blindley Heath for a meeting.

Suddenly a group of 13 masked men barged into the room, wielding baseball bats, knives and other weapons, Surrey Live reported.

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The thugs, who were members of the Slough chapter of the Hells Angels and its affiliate club the Red Devils, fled the scene.

In their wake they left six men stabbed and one assaulted in a scene of “bloody carnage”.

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Within 24 hours Thames Valley Police had arrested Przemyslaw Korkus, the first of seven Hells Angels to end up in the force’s cluthes.

Following a seven week trial starting in June they were all convicted of various crimes for their involvement in the attack.

At the sentencing hearings Prosecutor Richard Hearnden spoke of how the Hells Angels had wanted to “deal with” the Vikings so they could set up a new chapter in Surrey.

To begin with the gang had attempted to woo their counterparts, sending Jimi Kidd, 38, and a comrade to meet two Warg Members at Chobham Services.

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Kidd had perhaps seemed to the perfect man for the job, having ridden with the Vikings for six years before defecting.

When it became clear the Wargs would not persuade the Vikings to leave, a hasty plan was hatched to crash the November 7 meeting.

“What better way for a prospect to show unswerving loyalty to their club than a mission to intimidate a rival club with extreme violence?” Mr Hearnden said of the duel-purpose of the attack.

On the night of the vicious beating the Hells Angels met in Slough before driving to South Godstone station.

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It was during this journey that ANPR cameras captured crucial evidence, with mobile phone tracking also later helping to confirm the gang member’s whereabouts.

Kidd drove ahead in his Nissan Qashqai and twice drove past the Forman Institute before signalling to the others to move in.

A little after 7pm, the four car convey left the station and parked in St John’s Meadow, just north of the Institute. CCTV captured a gang of 13 men walking down towards the social club.

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The youngest victim, 21-year-old Reece Hobbs, was attacked in the car park, where he’d been to fetch a jacket for a fellow member.

He was stabbed as he attempted to make it back to The Shud, falling through the door before collapsing in the corner of the room, his intestines falling out of a stomach stab wound.

The other occupants of the outbuilding were stabbed, aside from one.

Those responsible then fled and drove back to Slough, apart from Kidd who headed north to where his parents lived.

Aside from a length of electricity cable which had one of the victim’s blood on it, no weapons from the attack were recovered,

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A black glove was found near where the bikers had parked which had the DNA of Korkus, 40, on it.

The 25 stone bald giant was arrested first, still wearing blood-stained clothes.

A week later, Kidd, Bartosz Plesniak, 34, Piotr Zamijewski, 44, and Tamas Tomacsek 38, were arrested and charged with Ladislav Szalay, 32, in January.

David Jacobs, 28, was arrested and charged in March.

All of them, aside from Kidd, were convicted of 10 offences, namely violent disorder, six counts of GBH with intent, ABH, possession of a bladed article and possession of an offensive weapon.

Kidd was found guilty of all but the latter two charges.

Passing sentence, Judge John described the nighttime attack as an “appalling piece of gratuitous planned violence”, noting that each defendant had continued to “protest” innocence despite conviction.

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Mr Hearnden laid into the motorcycle gang members at the Kingston Crown Court sentencing, listing a series of damning aggravating factors.

The lawyer brought attention to their attempts to conceal evidence, the semi-public scene of the crime and the impact on the victims – one of whom has PTSD.

Mitigation was heard from barristers representing each of the seven men, most of which included references to their character, personal lives and their roles in the incident.

All of the men were sentenced to 14 years for GBH with intent, with other shorter sentences for the other charges to run concurrently.

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After the sentencing Surrey Police said: “We’re proud of the work that bought these men to justice – and two of our officers received judges commendations for their role.

“There were more than 1500 exhibits, and 1000s of documents which had to be catalogued and disclosed in court.”

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