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Heads are starting to roll at Harley-Davidson High Ranking official Fired because values doesn’t match motorcycle culture

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Harley-Davidson Inc. confirmed Friday that Neil Grimmer, president of Harley’s global brand development, is no longer with the company.

“His departure comes after an internal inquiry along with a third-party investigation into concerns that his judgement and conduct as a senior leader did not align with our culture and the values we expect all our employees to demonstrate,” a Harley-Davidson spokesperson said via email.

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A source familiar with the matter indicated that Harley-Davidson (NYSE: HOG) received complaints about Grimmer which did not align with the company’s code of business conduct. The departure reflected multiple actions by Grimmer, not a single event, according to a source familiar with the matter.

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Harley-Davidson president and CEO Matt Levatich told employees about Grimmer’s departure Friday morning in an internal memo acquired by the Milwaukee Business Journal. The memo indicated that Levatich would be assuming Grimmer’s responsibilities as president of global brand development in the interim.

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Harley-Davidson announced the hiring of Grimmer into the newly created global brand development president position in April of this year. Grimmer had most recently worked as CEO of Habit, a personalized nutrition life science company he had founded. Grimmer was a direct report to Levatich, and his duties ranged from product planning, marketing and retail to communications.

“Based upon our internal inquiry along with the findings of this third-party investigation, we determined that Mr. Grimmer leaving Harley-Davidson was the appropriate course of action. Harley-Davidson takes all matters related to workplace conduct and our Valued Behaviors very seriously. All Harley-Davidson employees, regardless of level, are expected to follow our Code of Business Conduct and Valued Behaviors,” a Harley-Davidson spokesperson said via email.

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  1. Upon a purchase of a 2019 Harley heritage I was duped out of 7500 bucks at HD in Allen tx less than a year ago. They called me brother while they made the deal. What a deal! If you want paperwork please contact me Bruce


  2. Why would H-D hire some guy like that in the first place is beyond me anyway. No wonder their market share and sales are down. Who ever is at the wheel has no clue anymore as to how to run this business anyway.
    It is very sad too…our run by greedy, out of touch, fools now!!!


  3. Who wants a air cooled bike for 40k. Most of the stuff is made in China. Than you have to spend another 20k to make the bike comfortable and sound good. I wish you luck Harley Davidson. I think the new generation is gonna buy a better built and cheaper bike.


  4. Who wants a air cooled bike for 40k. Most of the stuff is made in China. Than you have to spend another 20k to make the bike comfortable and sound good. I wish you luck Harley Davidson. I think the new generation is gonna buy a better built and cheaper bike.


  5. Levitich hired Grimmer. Levitich assumes his place to cover up the cluster Phufk before Levitich is showed the door!
    Phufk these anti-America MFer’s.


  6. Harley really needs to take a look at what they’re doing. They’re trying to target a new audience with outdated and outperformed products. All of the other brands are offering more bang for the buck and the younger generation is doing the research and seeing that Harley’s cost is literally just buying a name. If they want to get another million riders on the road, they need to step their game up.


  7. I have alot of Harley Davidson buddies I ride with.we have went to Harley Davidson shops and wanted to trade in and buy a new bike the manager in Tyler Texas flat said he didn’t want our bikes that he would buy it and then add what he paid us for our bikes on top of the price of the bike we were looking at.needless to say Harley Davidson needs to do something with their managers and they would sell more new bikes.And this happened at two other dealerships.Not good business.


  8. I want my bike fix the rear cylinder keeps shutting off Evan when the bike is cold the lights don’t come on the dash I changed the sensor . the guy Mike said it was because I have heat tape on my pipes seacoast said it doesn’t matter the bike is a 2016 I drove it for 2200miles no problem bring it to them for a service and they fuck’d something up I have extended warranty but he couldn’t find anything wrong and charged me 125dlrs fuck them I want my money back FTW


  9. Soooo there’s a job opening?? I’ll throw my hat in the ring! Where do I send resume?? Let’s make Harley great again!!


  10. It won’t make a difference,it will still be a crappy bike with a high priced name and parts made in China,why anyone still buy’s there crap is beyond me.


  11. HD needs to do work on making good rides and keeping them on the road. My one and only bike us a Dyna Switchback and I’m having nothing but problems with it. Of course they don’t see it happen so it doesn’t exist. I’m so fed up I’m considering selling it. And if I do replace it, it won’t be with another HD.


  12. Gotta love the guy with a 2016 and 2,600 miles bitchin about repairs. You’re not a biker, you dont deserve to own a Harley, Harleys should be ridden and not just rolled back and forth from the driveway to the garage to get a suntan. Sell it an buy a Fu¢kin Vespa, poser!


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