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The Roar to the Shore event held every September in Wildwood is now a “mandatory run” for Pagan’s Motorcycle Club members in New Jersey

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 ‘Roar to the Shore’ cited in state hearing on Pagans’ growth

The Roar to the Shore event, held every September in Wildwood, is now a “mandatory run” for Pagan’s Motorcycle Club members in New Jersey. This year, it was on law enforcement’s radar.


State investigators cited the event in a state hearing Wednesday — which included heightened security — on the growth of the club in the state, its spread to the north and its increased criminality and visibility throughout New Jersey.

A violent biker gang that is involved in illegal drug trafficking and considers women to be “below dogs” is growing in New Jersey at an alarming rate


In September, Mayor Ernie Troiano said the city would be weighing whether or not to continue holding the motorcycle enthusiast gathering, citing an “element” taking over the rally in recent years.

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  1. I do not know how things are now…I do know that Pagan “ole ladies” we’re respected and protected back in the day. So the media comment of women are looked at as “lower than dogs” may be a quite from other clubs? Or maybe just the reporters opinion or biker women…ftw😱😂💪


  2. PAGANS …Do not stink….U must be HA….They R my family.And Each and everyone of them Give me Respect…They do not bite unless u bite them.Each and everyone of them Give ..They r respected in my town.If u dont like it leave…My man Loves his brothers and they love him in return.Further more….I’m not a Dog jor am I treated like one.Im respected and loved.Trust and believe..Im a Bitch..It would never happen.Lots of love for the pagans in PA…Thanks for being my family.


  3. Thier thoughts of women have no fucks about what your opinion is..And to deam them drug trafficers is profiling like a mfer..officers should be hitting corners and catching pedophiles and crack n heroin pushers all over the fucking enforcement is the biggest criminal organization in north america..and hold thier own criminals to impunity..i getit theres bad apples ..but law enforcement has whole tree fulls of bad apples…the feds need to spend more time cleaning out departments raher bike clubs..those fuckers kill with no consequences most of the time…..#FUCKBADGES


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