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Cop reveals how she made former Nomads motorcycle club biker boss back down and beg her to forgive him

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By Charlie Moore For Daily Mail Australia

Tough-talking policewoman has told how former Nomads boss Moudi Tajjour once begged her for forgiveness.

Deborah Wallace, commander of the NSW Crime Command Gang Squad, came across Tajjour when she was head of the anti-bikie squad Strike Force Raptor.

After a series of raids on the Nomads, Tajjour posted on social media suggesting that Detective Superintendent Wallace was giving his gang lots of attention because she was attracted to him – and also insulted her appearance.

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In response to the posts, Strike Force Raptor increased operations against the Nomads and carried out more raids.

Tajjour then posted again about a month later, apologising for insulting Wallace and begging her to call off the attacks.

According to Wallace, he wrote something along the lines of: ‘Deb Wallace I’d like to sincerely apologise to you for being disrespectful to you and being insulting. We’re even now, so can you tell Raptor to back off?’

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The pair then bumped into each other three months later and he once again apologised, she told journalist Natalie O’Brien for the News Corp podcast Blue Sirens.

She recalled: ‘I was walking in Merrylands and he was there, with some friends, and he spotted me and he said “Deb, look I really need to apologise in person about what I said. I didn’t mean it, I was just frustrated, I was just angry, so please accept my apologies and can I buy you a cup of coffee?” ‘

Walllace said she declined the meeting, saying she could be arrested for consorting with a gangster.

‘He just looked at me like “drats” and walked off,’ she said.

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Last weekend Tajjour vowed to move interstate or possibly abroad following a police raid while he was at dinner with friends.

The 35-year-old posted a letter to Instagram that he received from police stating he had been identified as a member of the Nomads outlaw motorcycle gang.

The letter also threatens Tajjour with five years imprisonment if he continues to associate with members of the group.

The Sydney resident took to Instagram to unleash a furious reply to the letter claiming he has retired from the club.

He wrote: ‘Firstly I’ve been retired for a while now. I am not allowed to see any of my mates or face a long prison sentence. Tell me how this is human to isolate someone?’ Tajjour wrote.

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‘I ain’t sure if I’m gonna continue living in Sydney much longer, might relocate to Melbourne or possibly abroad. I can’t live in isolation – it’s like I’m a prisoner in my own country.’

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