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Get Sparky Rolling Again Sparky was life flighted to KU in Kansas City His friends and family worried for his life.

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By: Kaitlyn Shive

PITTSBURG, Ks. – James Thomas, of Weir, Kansas, or better known as Sparky, was riding his motorcycle down Broadway street in Pittsburg when he was struck by a car on October 19th.

“Once I hit Broadway, I don’t remember anything up to two days before I left the hospital, and I was in there almost three weeks. I didn’t even know my wife, I don’t know what happened.”

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Those who witnessed it, helped him remember.

“They said she had come up beside them at 65 mile per hour, 55 mile per hour on Broadway and cut in front of them, and I was right in front of them and when she did she just took me out” added Thomas.

Robin and James Crepinsek were in the car behind him and were horrified by what they saw.

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“People were coming out of the laundry mat and I yelled call 911, and it was busy because everybody was calling, and we ran to him, and he wasn’t moving” said Robin Crepinsek in tears recalling what happened.

Sparky was life flighted to KU in Kansas City. His friends and family worried for his life.

“I went up to the scene of the accident right after it happened, so we were just terrified that he wasn’t going to make it” said Lynette Layden, a friend of Sparky’s.

“I caught the tail end of the accident and I rushed to the hospital and it’s been a battle ever since” added Sparky’s brother, Nick Thomas.

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But despite the odds, Sparky pulled through and is on the road to recovery.

“I’m going to be okay, I’ve got a long way to go but it isn’t going to stop me from getting back on a motorcycle because I’m getting back on one.”

He suffered a brain injury, and broken bones. To help with medical bills, local bikers put together a chili feed and silent auction, showing their support. They called it ‘Lets get Sparky Rolling Again”, and more than 200 people attended.

“The biker community gets a lot of bad rep, with how we dress and the loudness of the bikes and everything, but anytime anybody needs anything we all band together” said Layden.

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“When someone gets hurt were right there with them to support them and hopefully get them back on their feet” added Nick Thomas.

Now Sparky may not fully remember the accident, but he will remember those who stood by his side.

“I’m grateful, I’m overwhelmed, I’ve got such a large family and friends, I’m lucky to be here”

The fundraiser was held at the American Legion Post 64 in Pittsburg, Kansas. They did not have a set goal of how much money they were trying to raise.

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