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The Snapchat messages show former Commanchero Motorcycle Club chapter chief Peter Zdravkovic holding club-branded clothing which is then placed in a pile and set on fire.

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A jury has been shown social media posts of a former bikie boss that prosecutors claim provoked an attempt on his life.
The Snapchat messages show former Commanchero ACT chapter chief Peter Zdravkovic holding club-branded clothing, which is then placed in a pile and set on fire.
It’s alleged the posts and Mr Zdravkovic’s refusal to hand over his motorbike and car after he left the gang prompted an attack on his Calwell home in June 2018.
Axel Sidaros, 25, is facing trial in the ACT Supreme Court after pleading not guilty to charges including attempted murder and arson.
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CCTV footage shows three men with their faces obscured creeping onto the property before firing shots into Mr Zdravkovic’s house.
Having just got out the shower, a naked Mr Zdravkovic retrieved a gun and fired back, prosecutors say.
Another man can be seen helping to pour liquid over cars in the carport before setting them alight.

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Mr Zdravkovic’s parents’ house on the same street was also shot at. Prosecutors allege Mr Sidaros was one of the men involved in the attack. He denies any involvement.
Photographs tendered by the prosecution show extensive damage to the inside of the home.
Mr Zdravkovic has previously told the court he can’t remember the attack, despite allegedly losing a finger during the shootout.

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