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Feuding alleged Mongols motorcycle club members have been arrested after a heated discussion involving another man

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Feuding alleged Mongols bikie members have been arrested after a heated discussion involving another man in the western suburbs.

Three members of the Mongols Outlaw Motorcycle Gang have been charged with criminal association after reports of a disturbance at West Lakes, police said.

Police will allege the trio was having a heated discussion with another man.

A 27-year-old from West Lakes is charged with two counts of being present with more than two criminal organisation participants.

A 23-year-old from Para Hills is charged with one count of being present with more than two criminal organisation participants.

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And a 32-year-old from Western Australia is charged with one count of being present with more than two criminal organisation participants and one count of unlawful possession.

The men were refused police bail and were expected to appear at Port Adelaide Magistrates Court on Friday.

Later, around 3pm on Friday detectives investigating the incident went to a Glenelg address where they allegedly found about 500g of methamphetamine and arrested a 28-year-old Glenelg person they alleged was also a Mongol bikie.

They have been charged with trafficking a controlled drug and bailed to appear in court in February.

Anti-bikie legislation introduced in 2015 has weakened seven other gangs still functioning in SA, with the Hells Angels still the largest outfit.

Under the tough laws, clubrooms have been demolished and anti-association orders prevent gatherings with a ban on gang colours.

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  2. Sounds like a really fugged up country with no civil rights. It really is DOWN UNDER. I assume A Bilkie must ride Bicylclies


  3. The clown that said what he just said about all other clubs sounds like the one that has a bunch of shit to say about other clubs and yaps about prison well ones like him haven’t done a day in prison and if he has sounds like he may have been poked in the ass and is still angry at whoever he let do it I’m no longer a patch holder and the reason is ones like this guy give clubs the heat that no one really wants and from my experience he knows about or seems to about what pussies do you know the old saying takes a pussy to know one men real men can be a real badass and never has to talk shit until someone crosses a line they belong over just my point of view


  4. Just horse shit. You telling m e it against the law to hang out with your friends if your in a club. What’s this world coming to


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