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Harley-Davidson opened its long-awaited 20,000 Goodyear location

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PHOENIX — Motorcyclists in the West Valley have something more to celebrate than just the holidays.

Harley-Davidson opened its long-awaited Goodyear location last week, according to a city press release.

The 20,000-square-foot shop off of 159th Avenue and McDowell Road opened Friday morning.

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“We decided to come out here because we had an overabundance of service customers in the area that we were trailering out to to pick them up and drop their bikes off, and realized there was a huge demand for a service point in this area,” Eric Bushamie, the store’s general manager, said in the release.

Besides bikes, parts and clothing, the shop also offers lessons for those who want to learn to ride.

The Harley-Davidson Riding Academy Range will have expert coaches on-hand to help teach riders how to properly operate a motorcycle.

“Harley’s bikes are low center of gravity. They handle really well. They’re a good bike for any level-of-experience rider,” Bushamie said.

“But we do have the class to help you get comfortable and get your license.”

There are seven other Harley-Davidson stores in the Valley.

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