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A heavily-tattooed father with the Descendants Outlaw Motorcycle Gang allegedly ordered his teenage son to stash a loaded a toilet.

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A heavily-tattooed father allegedly ordered his teenage son to stash a loaded gun disguised as a Christmas present in the S-bend of a toilet.

Mark Barford, 56, who police claim is a member of the outlaw motorcycle gang the Descendants, was arrested alongside his son Adam, 18, at their Adelaide home.

Police allege they called Barford on his mobile and recorded a conversation he was heard having with his son.

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Barford allegedly ordered the teenager to take a black and gold wrapped present from under the family’s Christmas tree and hide it in their toilet.

Officers raided the house on Saturday and allegedly found the 18-year-old poised to chuck the package down the toilet, with his phone in his other hand.

Police also allegedly found meth hidden in the back garden, ammunition and an expandable baton and crossbow.

Barford has the gang name Descendants tattooed across his chest and is regularly seen posing in bikie colours and clothing.

Police believe his is a full member of the Descendants Outlaw Motorcycle Gang, with the group’s name tattooed across his chest.

Barford was arrested as he arrived back at his family home and served with a Firearms Prohibition Order.

Both men were charged with possession of a prescribed firearm, possession of ammunition and trafficking in a controlled drug.

The 56-year-old was also charged with possession of prohibited weapons and breaching a firearms prohibition order.

Detective Superintendent Steve Taylor, Officer in Charge of the Serious and Organised Crime Branch said, ‘Outlaw motorcycle gang members, guns and drugs tend to go hand in hand and this seizure is typical of how they operate.

‘These men now face very serious charges. If you choose to operate outside of the law then you should expect our full attention.’

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The pair appeared at Adelaide Magistrates Court on Monday, arguing they had both been affected by injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash, according to The Advertiser.

Their lawyer Nick Vadasz applied for bail for both men, but Barford was remanded in custody until a hearing in March.

A home detention report was ordered for his son.

The court heard the teenager was seriously injured in a crash earlier this year after he hit a cow, while his father sustained an injury trying to help him, with both requiring ongoing medical treatment.

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