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Several shots were fired at the Hells Angels new Bronx headquarters sparking concerns that the notorious biker gang has brought violence

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Several shots were fired at the Hells Angels new Bronx headquarters, sparking concerns that the notorious biker gang has brought violence and chaos to a once quiet neighborhood.

Police said the clubhouse was damaged in the hail of bullets at the Longstreet Ave. building in Throggs Neck about 10:30 p.m. Thursday. No one was injured.District Manager Matt Cruz said. “For this to happen after the holiday, and children are not back in school — it’s now a serious concern for this community.”

A heavily-tattooed father with the Descendants Outlaw Motorcycle Gang allegedly ordered his teenage son to stash a loaded a toilet.


“The community is upset and scared,” Cruz said. “We are on heightened alert for this and we’re hoping the NYPD can get to the bottom of this as quickly as possible and we’re sure they will.”

Over 14 shots were fired, according to a post on the Facebook group “Friends of Community Board #10.” Responding officers found shell casings in front of the building, but no arrests were made.

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An attorney for the clubhouse declined to comment Friday.

The Hells Angels bought the fenced-off, two-story brick building near Wissman Ave. in early December. The building sits on a quiet, tree-lined street of middle-class homes.

Neighbors had complained earlier this month about a noisy gathering at the Bronx headquarters — one of many clashes that have plagued the Angels in recent years.

In December 2018, a food delivery worker who parked his vehicle in front of a row of bikes at Hells Angels’ former headquarters on E. 3rd St. in the East Village was punched in the face. Also at the former East Village headquarters, a biker was charged after shooting a man in the stomach for moving a cone holding a parking spot.

The biker gang sold the E. 3rd St. site to a developer in June, and moved their base to the Bronx.

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  1. What did they expect, a bunch of men on Vespas? Calm down, they’re just celebrating their new home. It’s going to settle down soon… plus, you’ll have the safest street in the borough!


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