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The undeniable corruption of law enforcement officers. So why do bikers cross the line, that has been a tradition for decades ?

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By James “Hollywood”Macecari

Something which has been a culture shock to me in the last few years is bikers crossing the visible line, that has been around for decades. What line? For those new jacks who don’t know what I’m talking about, bikers and cops never crossed the line into each others world. For those who don’t know history of the biker scene, cops would profile and harass the old timers without mercy. This isn’t just pertaining to club members, it also happened to Independents. Being a biker has only been considered cool in the last decade or so. This wasn’t always the case. When did everything change? I’d have to say late 1990s, when the rub invasion started to become strong. Before then, the line was hardly, if ever crossed.

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Police has broken up a crime ring led by three Hells Angels members that was responsible for running a string of illegal sports betting and online gaming websites.

Let’s look at the statement within the title of this article, “the undeniable corruption of law enforcement officers. Many people will say, especially these new jacks, “don’t judge everyone on one bad cops action.”Bullshit!” For those who’ve actually had to deal with police, you would know this isn’t the case. For one, cops are trained liars, something they are taught right from the beginning of their training. Secondly the lies continue during the interrogation process, something I find funny, because they can legally lie to you. The experience here in Chicago, one I suggest everyone experiences, will change your mind in a heartbeat. Chicago cops are some of the most corrupt cops in the country. Shit, Chicago is one of the most corrupt cities in America. With that in mind, a Chicago cops hand is always out for that payment, regardless of a traffic stop or pushing something.

No one wants to prospect for a motorcycle club anymore. Instead, individuals want to start their own motorcycle club, is this the new age biker in action?

One former business of mine, something I talked about before, was an adult entertainment business. I couldn’t tell you how many cops had their hands out for their cuts, not to mention all the freaks asking for loving from the women. I couldn’t tell you how many cops came through the door looking to push their weight around. One of the problems many do not understand, there is a whole world many are not exposed to. It’s this lack of exposure, which I believe, makes people ignorant of the real world.

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Any cop can be turned 

If there is one thing I learned, any cop can be turned out. It’s true, regardless of the image they try to put on. If you’re ever in the position of having to deal with them, in a way where your business intersects with them, pull out some green and watch what happens. “Well, only certain cops are like that!” Bullshit, I could get the most so-called straight cop to turn, it’s all about how much you offer up. Add in some regular pussy, you got yourself a cop ready to do what needs to be done. This tactic is used by many people, especially when working with guards in a prison. Guards who work in prisons don’t make shit, this is why you see the inmates working them. I can remember in the 90s, first club I was in, we had a bunch working.

The biker lifestyle, it’s not all cookies and ice cream. Who are the star witnesses at trials? Most turn out to be members from their own club. Is that brotherhood

My first club had many prison based chapters, one of the reasons, I really didn’t consider it a club. Things used to be run inside and the guards were the mules. It only took money and pussy to seal the deal. Anyone can be turned with money and good pussy, not to mention a little blackmail to boot. I’m not going to give the whole game away, especially for those who haven’t been around this type of game. The reason why I bring a lot of this stuff up, is because I can’t stand ignorance, especially from new jacks who have no idea.

Many have said the way things were done in the past are almost gone. I have to agree, this is because these new jacks, can fuck up a wet dream. That point aside, even if things have changed, it doesn’t mean you sit at the end of a LEO’S dick. The ones who really get to me are the morons who join their clubs. How in the hell are you going to be a biker, partying with a bunch of cops? It’s not like you’re going to be able to bust out a line on the bar or anything. It’s not like they will let you fire up a joint. No, they are going to throw your ass in a pair of handcuffs. What’s amazing is that these people don’t have a clue about where cops loyalty lies. Cops are not your brothers, they are only brothers to the blue. Mark my words, those who hang out with them, when the shit hits the fan watch who they run to.

Is there a dark side of being a biker? Especially a biker in a motorcycle club. Is there participation in dark activities, such as dealing in illegal substances and other vices?

I’ve had more experiences than I would’ve liked with cops. One of the main things I’ve learned, especially starting so young on the streets, cops are not like you and I. Cops main priority is having power over people. I’ve always said, “most of those cops probably got an ass kicking in school, why else would anyone be a cop, if it wasn’t for that?” On the street, cops try to show power everywhere they go, especially with people who are ignorant of their intentions. Sure, you’re always going to have people defend their actions, I won’t be one of them. One thing is for sure, after seeing the stuff I have, if you join a club of theirs you’re weak. Only weak minded people would get hooked up with a cop club. When I hear of civilians joining a Leo club, I have to laugh. I always get the “WTF” look on my face. Again, what the fuck are you doing? If you’re supposed to be a biker, then be a biker. If you want to hang around with a bunch of cops, then don’t claim to be for the lifestyle. Last thing, don’t claim the bad boy image, many people have either died or went to prison for it.

What are your thoughts on the subject, do you think those who support LEO should benefit off others troubles? Are you one of those bikers who supports cops? Leave your thoughts in the comment section. Don’t forget to visit our YouTube Channel and Motorcycle Madhouse Radio.


  1. Cops are cowards and paid Rats, simple as that. Why would anyone in the life have anything to do with a Rat?? The real wouldn’t. The wannabee who watches too much TV but is actually a pussy will join a Pig Club so he can act tough but be protected.
    Why anyone would want to be a Rat for a living is beyond me. No honor, no pride, just a bully with a gun. Cops hate bikers because they know they’ll never be the kind of Man it takes to be a 1%er, Cops know deep down they’re cowards!
    It eats at them, trying to prove they’re real men, doesn’t work, we can see the truth.
    You pussy’s out there are better off just staying a pussy and not try to be something you’re not. At least then people will have some respect for being who you really are.


  2. Fuck the cops. Never needed them. Never had anything but harrassment from those assholes.


  3. Bring it. You talk like all cops have a dick. Wake the hell up to the current century. Also there is a Band of Brothers that includes Sisters. And what job are most of them suited for when they get out? Law Enforcement. What are the CORE Values with all of them? INTEGRITY. HONOR. SACRIFICE. Just to name a few. There is a movement from within, where more military are being looked at as a great hire for agencies.
    You will not soil my flag, and no amount of money is worth your BS. Me and my Brothers served our Country with Honor and now serve our hometowns with the same. A person has nothing without personal Honor, and that includes Integrity. With military in the police force, no one is harder on a corrupt cop than another cop. That they dared to make us all look bad for their own personal gain makes them the lowest of all.
    And prance whatever pussy around; us Sisters will tell you to GTFOH. Put your money where your mouth is… on some other bikers dick probably. The ones that are afraid to let females in. We don’t want to and don’t need you – the military let us in. We’ve been members of the best damn “club” in the world – the U.S. Military. We’ve been in the shit, came home, and love our Country first.
    Reply all you want – I won’t be back to this big-freeking-sissy site.


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