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A motorcycle gang member from the Gypsy Jokers has lost his license after he was allegedly caught driving at more than twice the speed limit

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The 38-year-old man, from Dublin in the state’s lower north, was yesterday formally reported for offences including dangerous driving, excessive speeding and failing to truthfully answers questions.

Police said the Gypsy Joker gang member was driving a Ford Mustang along Port Wakefield Road at Two Wells on November 7 when he was detected speeding at 227 kph.

The man has had his car impounded and lost his licence for six months.

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Jury selection in the case of two members of the Pagan Motorcycle Club who are charged with attempted homicide and aggravated assault

Police said the man would be summonsed to appear at Elizabeth Magistrates Court.

Yesterday, police launched a campaign targeting drug driving, partly in response to last year’s high death toll on South Australian roads.

In 2019, 113 people were killed — the highest toll in nine years — including 12 people aged under 20.

Police said almost a quarter of fatal crashes involved drugs, and the new campaign aims to counter that trend.

“We don’t want to see a repeat of last year’s number of lives lost, so we are starting the year with a new campaign aimed specifically at drug driving,” Superintendent Bob Gray said.

“Road users can expect to see these ads appear on TV, radio, as well as on billboards throughout the state starting from this Sunday.”

Roaring motorcycle engines and late-night carousing have bedeviled the once-quiet Bronx neighborhood where the Hells Angels have just set up their new New York headquarters

Last year’s road deaths included 21 pedestrians and 17 motorcyclists.

More than 700 people were seriously injured.


  1. Headlines we will never see…”Auto Workers of America” gang member has lost his license after he was allegedly caught driving at more than twice the speed limit..”A law enforcement officer from the LA County Sheriff’s gang, has lost his job after beating his wife to death,,,” If the “membership” or “affiliation” of every person committing crimes was always used like they use in against motorcycle club members, every affiliation, job, career,social organization,police department, etc., would be called a “criminal organization”, because EVERY organization has some criminal members, yet somehow they are Not called “criminal organizations” like motorcycle clubs are….it seems only in the motorcycle community is EVERY member of the organization, HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR WHAT A VERY SMALL NUMBER OF MEMBERS DO.


  2. I am still loving the story that came out of LAPD Valley traffic a while back about the cop whose wife kicked him out and one of his LAPD BUDDIES gave him a place to live with him and his daughter, you know, the usual custody thing, and after everyone was asleep, he snuck into the 13 year old girl’s room & raped her. Such an upstanding example of The LAPD.


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