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Neighbors are concerned that a rival gang is behind a shooting of Hells Angels Motorcycle Club that happened in Throgs Neck Shooting Video Enclosed

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Neighbors are concerned that a rival gang is behind a shooting that happened in Throgs Neck.

News 12 reported how the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club recently moved to a residential neighborhood on Thursday. Late that night, shots were fired at the new clubhouse.

Neighbors tell News 12 that a group drove by just before midnight and fired around 14 rounds at the Hell’s Angels Clubhouse. Shots were fired from a line of passing bikes and cars, and it was all caught on video.

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Security cameras captured the cars and bikes riding along Longstreet Avenue before rounds of shots were fired at the club. Police say that there is damage to the exterior of the clubhouse on 241 Longstreet Ave.

Windows have been boarded up, but neighbors are still feeling uneasy. They say they are ready for the club to move out of the neighborhood, and some also placed the blame on City Councilmember Mark Gjonaj for the sale of the property.

They say it was his lawyer who represented the selling of the property. Gjonaj told News 12 in a statement, “This was a private transaction that had no reporting requirement to any elected official or the local community board.”

He added that he expects the group to abide by all quality of life laws and ordinances.

The NYPD is investigating who fired the shots. They say no one was hurt.

News 12 reached out to Hell’s Angels for a statement and has not heard back yet.


  1. Seiously? It’s the Bronx. This is nothing new. Lived in NY for 47 years before moving to PA. Relx people


  2. Settle down folks. Probably a welcome party that just got a little bit out of hand. They’ll settle down and you’re street will become a whole lot safer. I reccomend you go over and introduce yourself, and don’t forget the beer and food. Ask first what they would prefer. I’m telling you, they’re a lot nicer than you think.


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