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Reports of a Disturbance with a Weapon involving members of a motorcycle outlaw gang.

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Joplin News First

JOPLIN, Mo. – Shortly after 1:00 AM Joplin Police Department tell us they responded to reports of a Disturbance with a Weapon involving members of a motorcycle outlaw gang. Tipsters sent video and photos of authorities surrounding the OK Bar, 1516 South Main, Joplin.

JPD confirmed overnight they detained multiple people and then made six arrests. They were assisted by the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office and the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

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Police seized a substantial amount of weapons drugs and money following a high-speed chase in which a suspected Kingsmen MC member was behind the wheel

Those six people were arrested on charges of peace disturbance. They have already bonded out of the Joplin City jail on those charges as of Sunday morning at 9:00 AM.

Cpl Hayes of the Joplin Police Department tells us, “No one was seriously injured. It was an aggressive response on our part because of the potential. But it ended up being fairly benign.”

We asked him how did they know they were members of an outlaw motorcycle gang? He told us, “They were all wearing t-shirts that identified themselves as members of the outlaw motorcycle gang.”

Additionally he states, “They did not arrive on motorcycles, supposedly they arrived in vehicles.”

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  1. Now there’s an example of a difference between the old days and now. They weren’t even on bikes, nobody would have called the cops and nobody had fucking cameras and cellphones everywhere.


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