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Law enforcement responded to a party at the Black Presidents Motorcycle Club where 1 person is dead and 2 hurt

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Danni Dikes

YEMASSEE, SC (WSAV) – Detectives with the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office are investigating a deadly shooting incident early Sunday morning.

Law enforcement responded to a party at the Black President’s Motorcycle Club on US 17 in Point South around 2 a.m. According to JCSO, a confrontation between several attendees led to gunfire inside and outside of the club while guests were trying to exit.

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Detectives are running down leads in an attack that saw gunmen on motorcycles open fire on the Hells’ Angels Bronx clubhouse earlier this month

Deputies rushed inside and found a 24-year-old male with a gunshot wound to the chest. He was taken to Beaufort Memorial Hospital, where he died. A second male and female were also injured by the gunfire, but they are expected to be okay.

Yemassee Police Officers also assisted JCSO deputies. This investigation is ongoing. Anyone with any information is urged to call 843-726-7519.


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  1. Maybe the State of South Carolina will wake up and start taking these threats a little more serious. This has been going on all over the State for the past two years, threats, violence, intimidation, theft, etc. It causes the bikers that are not causing trouble to have to look over their shoulders. It is about time the 99%ers ban together and put an end to the bullshit in South Carolina! It sucks because so many of us want to support the big dominant clubs, support their charity events, support them financially when they need legal assistance, but instead they have turned us all against them in South Carolina. I hate the violence has now come to South Carolina because that means profiling is going to be rampant in this State. I truly wish we could all just ride and be free. Thanks for this site Hollywood, I like that you share news and articles no matter what side of the aisle you’re on.


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