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Iron Order Motorcycle club helps family of murder victim who was stabbed to death

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SEVIER COUNTY, Tenn. (WATE) — When the Iron Order Motorcycle club heard about the tragic murder of Savannah Burford, they put a plan in place to help.

Not one member of the club knew Savannah or her family, but because the incident happened in their community, they felt it was their duty to do something.

The group organized a motorcycle benefit ride to raise money to help the family with funeral costs.

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“We’d like to help people where we can, but unfortunately we can’t help everybody but we can change the world for a couple of people. If we can do that, then that works,” said Nicholas Preece, one of the organizers of the ride.

Savannah’s family was laying her to rest in her hometown in Michigan during the event, but her uncle was in town to receive the gift.

“It’s typical to me of what East Tennessee is about and living in East Tennessee, and one of the reasons we loved living here and still do, is that people really care about other people, and for them to do this for Savannah who had only been here for a couple of months is a true testimony to the Tennessee spirit and love for people,” said John North, Savannah’s uncle.

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The benefit raised $2,000 for the family. Savannah’s uncle says the family is extremely grateful for the outpouring of support and he says Savannah would have been overjoyed to know that her community thought that much of her.



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