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By Brittany Chain and Wayne Flower

Former AFL player Jake King is ‘sick of’ getting caught up in outlaw motorcycle gang dramas after his tattoo parlour was raided in connection with a fatal shooting.

The retired Richmond Tigers player cooperated with police as they searched his City of Ink tattoo parlour in South Melbourne on Wednesday.

Up to a dozen other properties were also raided, including the home of King’s longtime friend, Mongols strongman Toby Mitchell.

Insane Throttle IGTVTwo members of the Mongols outlaw motorcycle gang arrested for murder

King’s lawyer, John Gdanski of SLF Lawyers, said despite the friendship, King is not a bikie himself.

‘Jake’s sick of it,’ Mr Gdanski told The Herald Sun. ‘It’s getting to the stage of being borderline harassment.

‘He is neither a bikie member nor has his parlour anything to do with any other parties allegedly dealing with this investigation.’

King was not questioned during the search. There is no suggestion King or Mitchell has done anything wrong.

The raids were conducted by police investigating the murder of Melbourne fruiterer Paul Virgona.

Mongols clubhouses in Ferntree Gully and Port Melbourne were among the properties raided.

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Police also found powders believed to be drugs and a boat at the Mongols clubhouse that is believed to have been stolen.

King’s lawyer reiterated the former sportsman hadn’t done anything wrong.

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‘He has done nothing wrong and will continue to do nothing wrong or breach any condition of his lease.’

Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Crime Command Tess Walsh said neither King or Mitchell had been arrested and was unsure if detectives confiscated anything from the business.

Aaron Ong, 35, from Kilsyth, and Josh Rider, 29, from Port Melbourne, were charged with the murder and will appear at Melbourne Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

Both men are members of the Mongols OMCG.