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The U.S. has rejected Britain’s request to extradite the wife of a us official who allegedly killed an English teenager on motorcycle

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CBS Newspath

LONDON, (CBS Newspath) The U.S. has rejected Britain’s request to extradite the wife of a us official who allegedly killed an English teenager in a hit and run last year. Five months after British teenager Harry Dunn died in a motorcycle accident, his family is still waiting for justice.

“Nothing is going stop us, nothing is going to make us to go away, ” said his mother, Charlotte Charles. But their fight just got more difficult, with U.S. officials now refusing to send their son’s alleged killer back to Britain.

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Anne Sacoolas was allegedly behind the wheel and driving on the wrong side of the road in the English countryside when she crashed into Dunn. She claimed diplomatic immunity and quickly flew back to America. The U.K. foreign secretary called the U.S. decision not to extradite Sacoolas disappointing, tweeting “we feel this amounts to a denial of justice, and that Anne Sacoolas should return to the U.K. We are now urgently considering our options.”

Britain’s prime minister says Sacoolas was wrong to use diplomatic immunity and has urged President Trump to reconsider his position. The Dunn family says it may have to wait until the U.S. gets a new president, “if it means we have to wait until the next administration, 4.5 to five years time, we will,” said the victim’s mother.

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British courts have charged Sacoolas with dangerous driving causing death. If convicted, the American mother of three faces up to 14 years in prison…that’s if she returns to the U.K.

The Dunn family is preparing a civil suit against Sacoolas in the U.S., seeking millions of dollars in compensation.


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