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‘Easyriders’ magazine celebrates 50th anniversary with major revamp New ownership and brand expansion

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LOS ANGELES — The rock-n-ride legend Easyriders, named with a nod to the eponymous cultfilm classic, celebrates its 50th Anniversary with an exciting new relaunch under the ownership of brandmaker Pepper Foster, who plans to advance the iconic label in the global market. The debut issue features Norman Reedus on the cover photographed by Brian Bowen Smith, supermodel Erin Wasson and the band Wild Belle.
Easyriders was established in 1970 as a platform for motorcycle enthusiasts to immerse in the rugged, on-the-road lifestyle championed by the counterculture movement and legends such as Steve McQueen, Peter Fonda, and Dennis Hopper. Over five decades, the brand has become synonymous with a free-spirited lifestyle. Under new leadership, Easyriders will expand the vision of what it means to be a motorcycle enthusiast in the 21st Century.
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“I’m so proud and excited to introduce the iconic Easyriders brand to a new generation – and to expand this powerhouse label to partners worldwide through licensing our brand with likeminded partners,” said Pepper Foster, co-founder of the pioneering fashion label, Chip and Pepper. “We see endless opportunities to expand the Easyriders branded products to the apparel, lifestyle and home markets.”
In addition to the brand’s new iteration, Easyriders has revised and reimagined its celebrated print product as of January 2020. The niche monthly will transform to a quarterly publication expanding coverage to include travel, art, design, style, and entertainment, alongside its mainstay features on the movers and shakers of the moto world. Easyriders will add to its event and major-label product collaborations.
Easyriders magazine and its new website launched January 2020.


  1. Easyriders…remember when it first came out. We all said WTF is thi s shit. Nobody’s old lady would have ever been seen nearly naked spread across a bike. It was considered a bad joke.


  2. yeah great – they cancelled my subscription and offered me overpriced hats and t-shirts for the remaining balance. bunch of corporate snowflakes


  3. I love the idea but $20 and then $10 for shipping of a mag that is just a trendy hipster remake of an icon. Its like remaking the ghost busters but worse. Water downed and PC crap with a dash of millennial BC that does not know biker life. SAD!


  4. This rag has always been trash… now they’re just adding more ads ($$$$) and other bullshit no real biker would be caught dead near.


  5. Tired of these corporate assholes using us to get rich. Punks ever got mud checked they’d fold like a cheap suit. Yet they think they are Representative of what real bikers are all about.


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