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Organised crime squad detectives have charged a a senior member of the Comanchero Outlaw Motorcycle Gang after the seizure of 59kg of methylamphetamine.

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By Hannah Salt

Organised crime squad detectives have charged a 33-year-old man after the seizure of 59kg of methylamphetamine.

At the time of the drug seizure in May 2019, several people from Western Australia, New South Wales and Victoria were arrested and charged, while the investigation into the senior members of the Established Criminal Network continued.

On Monday, detectives arrested the 33-year-old man at a home in Safety Bay.

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The man, a senior member of the Comanchero Outlaw Motorcycle Gang, is alleged to be a senior member of the Established Criminal Network in control of the illicit drugs.

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He has been charged with conspiring to sell or supply methylamphetamine and money laundering.

He was refused bail and is due to appear in the Perth Magistrates Court today.

Detective Senior Sergeant Ray Horne from the Organised Crime Squad said the Established Criminal Network has remained on the WA Police Force radar, as detectives continued to investigate those further up the chain of command.

“The arrested man had been included on WA Police Force’s ‘West Australian Regional Priority Organisation Target’ list. The WARPOT list represents those targets that are the highest priority for our organised crime investigators, and includes those people at the higher end, or at the very top of criminal networks,” he said.

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“A criminal network involved in the movement of 59kg of Methylamphetamine presents a real and immediate risk to the WA community, and our investigation didn’t stop last year when the first arrests were made – we have continued to gather intelligence and evidence to target those further up the chain of command.

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“It is no surprise that there is such a strong link between what is a significant amount of illicit drugs and an outlaw motorcycle gang.

“The criminal activity undertaken by members and associates of outlaw motorcycle gangs directly contribute to the drug harm we see in our community every day, and we will continue to focus on identifying, disrupting and dismantling the criminal networks that hide among those gangs.”

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  1. Keeping 59kg. of anything illegal shows an appalling amount of stupidity on the part of this guy. Sounds like one of those guys who is using his own product and that’s incredibly dumb. But then, meth does bring out the brain damaged stupid shit in the idiots who use it. Seems like this club has made many monumental mistakes. Mansions, flashy cars and clothes… idiots. Live beneath your means, don’t be flashing a roll of cash, etc.
    Hard to sympathize with this club, in fact impossible. These assholes have brought heat to everyone else in Australia…


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