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Vandals destroyed two huts used by Kingdom Off Road Motorcycle Club, hampering its vital work with young people in the area.

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A lifesaving Fife project preventing dangerous use of off-road motorcycles is rising from the ashes after being targeted by fireraisers.

In November, vandals destroyed two huts used by Kingdom Off Road Motorcycle Club, hampering its vital work with young people in the area.

A fundraising drive has been launched to build a workshop so young people can learn maintenance skills to keep their bikes in good working order.

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The campaign was recently given a £1,000 boost by youth support charity Includem.

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Includem’s Fife team leader Kathleen Malcolm said: “We were really sorry to hear of the club’s misfortune. We know what great work they do to support our young people and others in the area.

“We hope this modest contribution can help them on their way to raising the money they need to get fully up and running again.”

Includem provides support to young people and families facing issues such as challenging behaviour, alcohol and drug misuse, or offending.

The organisation recently teamed up with the Fife club to put seven young people through a six-week programme of training and practical activities in off-road motorbiking.

Kingdom Off Road Motorcycle Club run a Kick Start programme where young people take part in group work before moving on to practical skills.

The group work involves meeting a local mother who lost her son in an off-road motorcycle accident.

Club manager David Paton said: “We have sessions where the police will come in and we have a discussion about getting caught on motorcycles, the charges that you’ll pick up, the consequences of being in an accident.

“We’ll have a victim perspective session where a mother comes in and speaks about the loss of her son. She comes in and speaks about how she lost her son while he was riding about on the streets illegally.”

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He added: “The club was started in response to antisocial behaviour, people with motorcycles putting themselves at risk, driving about on the streets, beaches, paths – pretty much everywhere.

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“We constituted a club in response to that to try to provide a safe, controlled area for the young people to use their motorcycles safely and legally.”

The fire in November destroyed two huts and items including tools, tables, chairs and a portable toilet.

David said: “We really appreciate this donation from Includem. Since the incident everyone in the area has been really supportive. Such a generous gesture will go a long way to help us reach our target and get the club back on a firm footing again.”

Anyone who would like to make a donation to the appeal can contribute at—workshop-on-the-right-track

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