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Man from Devonport has been charged after he was caught wearing banned outlaw motorcycle gang insignia

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A 21 year old man from Devonport has been charged after he was caught wearing banned outlaw motorcycle gang insignia in the Devonport CBD last night.

Police arrested the man, who was wearing clothing identifying association with the Bandidos OMCG, about 11pm. He was charged and bailed to appear at the Devonport Magistrates Court in March.

This is the first time the new legislation, which applies to the Bandidos, Outlaws, Devils Henchman, Black Uhlans and Rebels, has been used in Tasmania.

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The longtime president of the East End Hells Angels has lost a court challenge over an investment gone bad.

“Tasmania Police has liaised with the five identified OMCGs to ensure members understand that wearing their insignia in public will not be tolerated,” said Inspector Steve Jones.

“These are criminal gangs and their colours are designed to show affiliation with this criminality and intimidate others.”

The legislation does not apply to other motorcycle clubs.


  1. You always say you were a Black Piston like that means something other than you belonged to an Outlaws duck club you were never a 1%er you really don’t know as much as you think you do


  2. Isn’t that against 1st amendment freedom to wear an say what you want where ever look at all the cry babies wearing fuck Americans and America an they get away with that shit so now let’s all target American people for wearing motorcycle clothing


  3. You missed a critical part of the story.
    This took place in New Zealand, not the United States of America.
    And don’t think we don’t have laws like this either. There have been laws passed in cities that prohibit wearing of street gang colors.


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