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Gangs of Montreal: Who rules Montreal’s underworld? Hells Angels motorcycle club or?

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On the morning of Oct. 9, 2015, five full-patch Hells Angels members filed into a heavy-security courtroom at a specially built courthouse in north-end Montreal.

They were among 100 Quebec Hells Angels arrested in sweeping raids in 2009 and accused of conspiring to murder more than 150 people during Quebec’s biker war in the 1990s. The five men in court in October 2015 had been charged with first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

But in a stunning move, Superior Court Justice James Brunton ordered a stay of proceedings and ruled that the five men should be set free. The decision came after the Crown prosecutors in the case had refused to give the Hells Angels’ defence lawyers a police report that could have cleared their clients.

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Brunton called it an abuse of process and said the Crown had a win-at-all-costs attitude.

Pagans motorcycle outlaw gang member was arrested after police said he pulled a knife on a visitor for wearing a biker vest he bought on Amazon

As the decision was read, one of the Hells, in the prisoner’s box, pumped his arm upward and gave the courtroom a thumbs-up. A few hours later, the bikers walked free.

The last episode of our podcast The Dark North: Gangs of Montreal looks at that court case and the fate of the Hells Angels since 2015.

Montreal’s underworld looks very different today than it did in 1977, where our podcast started.

The Montreal Mafia has no leader and the Hells Angels are calling the shots.

The Dark North: Gangs of Montreal is hosted by Paul Cherry, the Montreal Gazette’s crime reporter. You can subscribe to The Dark North on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Stitcher.


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  1. Im not a member of any crime gang club..or street menace.. but i read ALOT of news… .. the mafia family in quebec is different than ontario.. the street gangs and the loyalty of all these organizations verys.. when the angels pushed their way into ontario it caused a riff as the clubs there were dealing with shall we say the other side of the mafia.. when the angles in quebec and the lader of mafia rizzoto ended up in jail all hell broke loose.. when angles from quebec got out the started killing angles from ontario that took their shit over..the mafia from ontario was killing those loyal to rizzoto.. it was a double edge knife that hhas been shedding blood on the streets there for some time.. i wish this montreal gazzette guy would do a full story on all these creeps

    ….but maybe he is to afraid.. i also read about all the corruption inside the government of quebec ..with both mafia and bikers.. so who up there can one trust


  2. You believe that anyone trusts anyone? Welcome to my world. Somebody has to go through a lot of shit and prove they’re worthy of even a small amount of trust.
    That’s just the way it is. Deviate from that and you are fucked. Either dead or in prison.
    I expect that is precisely the situation there now. And can you blame them?


  3. Right on hells angels rock red and white all the way im a 4 time iraq vet 2 congressional medals of honor and habe cancer wish i could be that lucky cant even get a house for my family living in car going blind no seeing eye dog no help from government


  4. Maybe people are misinterpiting the comment.. the hells patched over clubs in ontario… when hells in ontario did as they always had as other clubsbsfore patching… the deal with other side of mafia then quebec.. then most of qubec goes in the big house..when they get out ontario doing there shit get shot up… as well they had already started a mafia war between two families from different areas.. any way..lets hope montreal gazette boy gets it all into one story.. it has been public in pieces.. not good for anyone but would make a good movie to teach kids criminals cant be matter how close they pretend to be as a friend..


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