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Pagans motorcycle outlaw gang member was arrested after police said he pulled a knife on a visitor for wearing a biker vest he bought on Amazon

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By Gwen Filosa

A Key West man who belongs to the Pagans motorcycle outlaw gang was arrested after police said he pulled a knife on a visitor for wearing a biker vest he bought on Amazon.

Michael Robbins, 52, was jailed on charges of aggravated assault, aggravated battery, robbery, misdemeanor battery, criminal mischief and a felony charge of gang-related activity. Robbins is at the Stock Island Detention Center on $100,000 bond.

Robbins, who wore a shirt that read, “Pagans Key West,” said he was a Pagan club member while being booked into jail, but didn’t make a statement, police said.

Robbins was arrested early Sunday morning at his home on White Street.

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The Blue Angels claim to be the oldest motorcycling gang in Scotland It has been claimed that “Blue” stands for B*****ds Lunatics Undesirables and Eccentrics.

The alleged victim, 36, of Virginia Beach, said he and some friends decided to wear “fake motorcycle cuts,” or vests, for fun while riding their bicycles to a Key West bar on Saturday night, according to a police report.

The friends bought the vests, sometimes called “cut offs,” on Amazon for $15 each.

Each of the cuts sported patches on the front and back that read, “Roman Empires Oceana.”

The night out drinking, though, ended badly for one of the men.

Patrons at Sloppy Joe’s Bar on Duval Street were giving the group a hard time for wearing the vests, police said, and the Virginia man decided to leave the bar for his hotel room.

He walked out on Duval and headed toward his bicycle, which he had locked up nearby.

At the corner of Duval and Caroline streets, he was approached by Robbins, who made reference to the vest.

Before the man could answer, Robbins punched him in the face and then ordered him to hand over the vest, police said.

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Robbins told the man he was in “Pagan territory,” and that if he saw him in Key West again, he and his Pagan friends would beat him up, police reported.

The visitor told Robbins his cut was part of a military group.

Robbins told the man to follow him around the corner and the two were standing outside the General Horseplay bar on Caroline Street.

“If you ever come back to Key West, I will kill you,” police said Robbins told the man as he used his knife to cut patches off the vest.


  1. Big tough guy, using a knife to threaten a tourist who was having fun. Tough man right there. I hope the Police and Feds put this guy in Prison for a long time. This is exactly why these so called clubs are losing support of every day citizens. I hope his alleged Brothers remove him from their alleged Club for making thee Club look like assholes. They were riding bicycles man. Give me a damn break. You want to call yourself a Club but you’re a Gang! Clubs don’t threaten, assault and take the property of tourists trying to have a good time. If you support this bullshit you’re just as culpable.


  2. I see this a little different. Several asshole smartass bullies decide to mock a lifestyle. Wearing fake colors while riding bicycles knowing that this action makes fun of real Bikers who take this life seriously, was an insult to 1%ers. No different than walking in that bar and calling that Pagan a pussy. I may not have gone as far as Robbins, but I would’ve definitely educated those punks.

    Put it in a different perspective. What if these same jerks wore Special Forces insignia on fake uniforms, making a mockery of a Combat veterans way of life. You think that Vet in that bar wouldn’t have something to say, or worse, beat the shit out of those guys? Then, these tough guys making fun of Bikers run to police when a real Man gives one of them what they deserve. Also, sounds like he only pulled a knife to cut of the fake colors, He already punched the guy, Robbins didn’t need a knife to scare the asshole.

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  3. Alot of folksnpop off alot N of comments concerning “Bullying” and “Thugs” and “Gang Members” in reference to how local 1o/o er’s handle situations as such, not that it justifies or that this is to “Explain” the obvious, ie;
    If a U.S. soldier is disrespected by a Imitator or fake or if someone mocks a soldier, we automatically defend the soldier, and thats the honorable thing to do for his sacrifices,his commitment to the his country, his branch, his squad or platoon,..but if someone imitates or mocks or in this case portraying a club memeber falsely, ..
    This is a man whom Hu as disrespected this members brothers,family and associates by wearing something this man has given his life to, committed too, prospected or probated into… Not a 6week physical course and a few months training and specialized schools,… this is a man who by affiliation and the A.M.A.’s
    99 o/o law abiding claim, has gone through a living hell to prove his loyalty,… and earn respect, and to be disrespected by the thought of another man wearing a patch by a non club member and not a drop of sweat or blood given is a slap to the face to a soldier a cop, a firefighter.. hell even Rupaul would be pissed if a str8 guy dressed in a easter dress and wasnt a punk,..
    Get it str8 folks, this isnt about “Gangs” gangs hang on the block ,this is a club of folks ’em or not, that patch was earned and although “Patch-itis” runs deep and some guys let the idea of a patch making them a man, instead of the man making the image the patch portrays, … respect all riders, patched, indie or 1-o/o’er ..

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  4. I see anyone selling Club cuts, patches or any Club material, I am immediately on their ass. I let them know that it’s not okay to be doing this and they need to remove the listing immediately. Every time they have apologized, removed the item and either returned it to the local chapter, or if that wasn’t an option they destroyed the item. It was made clear that their account would be checked for future listings. Between Amazon, Ebay & Etsy, we all need to keep our eyes open for this crap.
    Wearing authorized support wear is one thing.
    Fake shit and especially selling real Club Cuts & patches is completely wrong and unacceptable.

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  5. Gang member comparing yourselves to soldiers, you are not even close. Bunch of law breaking petty little babies, hope you all get locked up like this stupid fool, mouth breather gave his freedom for a $15 vest! Don’t fool yourself, you don’t look tough just stupid.


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