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48-year member of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club Charles Craig Johnston Passes Away GBNF

Charles Craig Johnston
LONGVIEW — Charles Craig Johnston was born in Longview to Christine and Bruce Johnston on November 18, 1947. He passed away in Austin, on January 27, 2020.
After graduating from Judson High School in Longview, he served his country as a helicopter gunner for the US Marine Corps during the Vietnam era.
Craig was a proud and very respected 48-year member of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, most recently in the Nomad Chapter and previously serving as International President of the Club. He loved motorcycles, traveling and music. He was well known for his generous spirit, quick wit and ability to tell entertaining stories about his life experiences.
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Craig is survived by his wife, Linda Johnston of Austin; children Justin Johnston of Longview and Andrea Johnston of Irving, both from his previous marriage to Denise Johnston of Irving; siblings Billy Jack Johnston of Brenham and Harriet Johnston-Wellman of Longview; four grandchildren; nieces, nephews, aunts, cousins; and numerous Bandido Club Brothers.
Services will be held at Winterfield Methodist Church, 2616 Tryon Rd, Longview on February 15, 2020 at 1:00pm. Interment will follow at Rosewood Park Cemetery, 1884 FM Rd 1844, Longview.


  1. I’m also Vet from the Vietnam War Era. Special Forces Wolverine 13/101st.
    My prayers go out To The Family and It’s Great Loss For All Steel Riders. To The Spouse my Heart prayers To You from The Misses here and Our 10 year old Austistic Son. May His Memory be Eternal and His Name Never forgotten and His Service To Our Country be placed in The hand that Receives His Service Flag.
    We Salute A Wobderful Brother Friend and Veteran. Preacher Lexa Travis. 🌇🌇


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  4. to the friends and family may GOD BE WITH YOU through these hard times may you all be granted the respect that CCJ had just being your self and proud of who you are BIKER or just friends and family of BIKERS rip Charles


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