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Night Rider’s Motorcycle Club murder case underway in California

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Gregory Kincade

Testimony will continue Wednesday afternoon in Oakland County Circuit Court where a Pontiac man is on trial for allegedly shooting two people at an after-hours motorcycle club last year, killing one of them.

Gregory Kincade, 42, is charged with the murder of Mecca Ramsey, 41, of Pontiac, and assault with intent to murder for the nonfatal shooting of another Pontiac man. He also faces multiple firearms charges.

Oakland County Sheriff’s deputies called to the Night Rider’s Motorcycle Club on April 27, 2019 found Ramsey dead in a bathroom stall at around 3:30 a.m. The other victim was shot twice in the arm.

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So far, jurors have heard testimony from Deputy Brian Wilson, who described the scene as “pretty chaotic” when he arrived at the club, the first officer to do so after the shooting.

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“People were on foot and in vehicles, leaving frantically in all directions” when he drove up, Wilson said. An estimated 75 people were still in the club when he headed inside, with screaming and fighting going on, he said.

Wilson further testified that Ramsey was unresponsive on the floor, lying next to the toilet, where blood, shell casings, fired bullets and a small baggie of suspected cocaine were found near him. Moments later, someone in the club said they had the shooter, and in an adjoining area saw Kincade sitting on the floor, surrounded by several people, Wilson said. Kincade then dropped his cell phone and kicked it across the room, Wilson testified, and a leather vest was next to him, covering a 9mm semi-automatic handgun which prosecutors believe was used to kill Ramsey.

Defense attorney Jerome Sabbota said there’s no proof that the gun recovered at the scene was used to kill Ramsey. He also said Kincade didn’t know Ramsey and cooperated with police following the murder, claiming he was in the stall next to him, urinating, when shots rang out.

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Kincade is expected to take the stand in his own defense later in the trial.

Overseeing the trial is Judge Shalina Kumar, with assistant prosecutor Robert Novy prosecuting.

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