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One hundred riot police had moved in to control a “medium two-digit number” of rockers-The rockers are said to be “Hells Angels” and their supporters

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In Fürstenwalde (Oder-Spree), the police stopped a rocker meeting on Saturday evening. Behind the mission is a “zero tolerance strategy”, as a spokesman said in the morning.
According to the press spokesman for the East Police Directorate, Stefan Möhwald, “criminal activities and business” were to be expected, the security forces stepping in. In addition, there were a number of participants who could be “associated with significant crimes”.

According to Möhwald, one hundred of the riot police had moved in to control a “medium two-digit number” of rockers. He did not name a more precise number of the civil servants deployed.

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The rockers are said to be “Hells Angels” and their supporters, but the spokesman did not confirm this. According to him, drugs and weapons-like items were found among other things.

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In addition, a man had been temporarily arrested, for whom there was an open warrant. The warrant would not have to be executed if the arrested person pays a fixed amount of money.

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In the run-up to the meeting, a commercial complex was rented to the rockers. Customs and tax authorities were also involved in the police operation, suggesting that white-collar crime is suspected.

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